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DJ Laston

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Sept 2007

Hello Everyone - I'm looking for feedback on Dr. DJ Laston, a pediatric dentist in Berkeley on Telegraph. Does anyone have any feedback - positive and negative - to offer? Thanks for your time. crj

I would not recommend this practice. I took my three year old to dr laston for her first dentist appointment (she had been to another dentist once before but didn't have a full cleaning that time). my daughter was actually excited and is very well behaved. the woman who was doing the initial checkup and cleaning did not even talk to my child. she was wearing a hello kitty top that my daughter excitedely remarked on and the woman just said''uh huh'' and looked annoyed.

they have a tv in between two chairs so two children can watch while they're being worked on which is great but every time my daughter turned her head to the side so she could see the tv, the hygenist would roughly push her head back. when my daughter complained about the taste of the toothpaste (she hates mint) the hygenist ignored her though i have to believe that at a pediatric dental office there must be other flavors.

when dr laston came in at the end of the visit he didn't even introduce himself. he just looked at me and said ''she's going to have problems'' and then went on to tell me that she would need braces one day. then he stuck his fingers in my daughter's mouth with no warning and put some (mint flavored!) flouride on her teeth.

my daughter arrived happy and with good feelings about dentistry and left shaking and and fearful of ever seeing the dentist again. not a fan of dr laston

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