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November 2002

We've been going to Dr. G. Lawrence Holloway on Kains since we moved from SF to Albany in 1995. My children were 3 and 5 1/2. Kathy, the office manager is quite efficient. Tanya is the dental hygienist and has been sweet and gentle with my children. Now that they are 9 1/2 & 12, she has interesting conversations with them. Dr. Holloway is friendly, has a very easy going manner and explains things to the kids and myself in understandable terms. They've never had work done other than regular cleanings. I've had him replace a few old fillings and had a crown done. He was really good at making sure I was ready for the next step and asked if I was ok as he went along. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Holloway for myself and my daughters. TG

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