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Sonja Garden

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May 2007

Re: Love your Berkeley dentist?
dr. sonja garden on dana street (2500 block) in berkeley received 2 separate recommendations that i saw here on bpn. after 3-4 years of trying (at least 6 different dentists that i can remember) to find a new dentist about whom i could feel good to replace my 30-year long dentist who had retired, i tried dr. garden and found her to be wonderful. i have visited her twice, once for general introductory check up and cleaning and shortly thereafter when a filling disintegrated. both times i thought she was great and am about to make another appointment for a check up. sorry i don't have her phone number handy, but it is in information. doug

August 2006

Re: Seriously dentist phobic
Hi Dentist Phobic,
Me too! I hadn't gone to the dentist in almost 7 years by the time I finally got up the courage. I saw (and still see--every six months like clockwork!) a great dentist. Her name is Dr. Sonja Garden in Berkeley. She does accept Delta Dental, and they do have some Saturday hours. Her and her assistant, Brenda, are so wonderful. I spent my first few visits just sitting in the chair and crying while they just looked. Then they did just x-rays. The next visit was just a cleaning, etc. They found a way to charge me for only one visit, since I did all of the things you'd normally do in one. They are sweet, funny, chatty, and totally understanding. I now go to the dentist with nerves, but not with heart-rending fear like I used to. And no more tears, either, even during some cavity work. Please call them! Their number is: 510-644-0701. Good luck!
Former dentist-phobic

August 2006

Re: Holistic dentist who is also skilled
I've been going to Sonja Garden in Berkeley for several years now. She has been slowly removing my amalgam fillings (one or two at a time, as they needed replacement), and I have really, really liked her. She has done great work in a low-stress environment. In fact, she does such good work I've taken my preschool child to her, and he has responded quite well to her straightforward approach. Karen

June 2004

Re: Fragrance Free Dentist
I go to Sonja Garden on Dana (near Telegraph) -- so she's definitely near Alta Bates; I'm not keen on perfume myself (though I have no allergy problems) and I've never noticed her or her assistant wearing any; Sonja is also kind, and has done a great job with all the work I've required (replacing lots of 25-year-old sliver fillings... and a gold crown). Karen

June 2004

Re: East Bay woman dentist
I see Sonja Garden, at 2522 Dana. She definitely takes Delta, and I really like both her and her assistant. Karen

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