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Nancy Fenstermacher (Berkeley, CA)

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2915 Telegraph, Berkeley 841-0108
Jan 2009

Re: Please Recommend a Dentist@
I have Delta Dental and use Nancy Fenstermacher, who is top-rate, and her employees are all wonderful. She's at 2915 Telegraph #303A. 841 0108 Linda

May 2007

Re: Love your Berkeley dentist?
Nancy Fenstermacher has been my dentist for over a decade. She has a practice in Berkeley on Telegraph near Ashby. Both she and the office staff are friendly, attentive, and know their patients. I highly recommend her. 2915 Telegraph, Berkeley 841-0108 happy with dentist

Re: Dentist for Major dental phobia (June 2005)
My uncle refused to see a dentist for almost a decade due to phobias until he was recommended Dr. Nancy Fenstermacher. I also chose her as my dentist. Her office is on Telegraph near Ashby. (I don't recommend her partner; my last experience with a filling from him was very unpleasant). Dr. Fenstermacher is very experienced, professional yet approachable. She has a nice way of chatting that helps distract you from what's going on while expertly getting on with the job. Anon
June 2004

Re: East Bay woman dentist
I highly recommend Nancy Fenstermacher, whose office is on Telegraph Avenue, just north of Ashby. I've been going to her since I moved to Berkeley in 1994. She is very experienced and competent, and her staff is great. I'm a real wimp around dental work, so when I say they make you at ease and as compfortable as possible, it's true! I'm pretty sure she takes Delta, but you can call to check at 510-841-0108. Anne

June 1999

Nancy Fenstermacher is incredibly competent, and her entire staff is nice and friendly. 841-0108, 2915 Telegraph, Berkeley.


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