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Randy Chang

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Dec 2008

I just made an appointment for my 3 year old son to see Dr. Randall Chang (a pediatric dentist) in Walnut Creek. Does anyone have any advise about him or the office? They are also called Children's Dentistry of Walnut Creek. Thanks, aj

We took our 2 year old son to see Dr. Chang earlier this month for his first dental check-up and it went really well! Dr. Chang's office is very child friendly. There is a lot of toys and the office is very modern and clean. Dr. Chang is very good with kids. He plays with my son first to get him comfortable and then slowly examined his teeth and brush them. I highly recommend Dr. Chang and his office. Good luck! anon
August 2008

Re: Children's Dentist in Walnut Creek
Dr. Randy Chang, of Children's Dentistry of Walnut Creek, is a great pediatric dentist in Walnut Creek. He's very knowledgeable, warm, and great with children. He and his staff spent a lot of time getting my then 14-month son comfortable in the dental chair and was able brush my son's teeth without any difficulty. He explained the benefits of early preventative care and offered tips on brushing (which up to then had been a real challenge). The office is very clean and the staff is absolutely wonderful. And, I can't say enough about the waiting'll have to see it for yourself! Children's Dentistry of Walnut Creek (925) 938-2392 Anon

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