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Stephen P. Broderson

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July 2002

RE: Holistic Dentists
In the North Berkeley area, the practice of Stephen P. Broderson (and his partner Kurtz), is considered a biological dentistry practice. They work with an MD who is willing to do chelation and nutritional support. Unless you ask, they will not check for biocompatibility of materials. The amalgam removal procedure includes a rubber dam, oxygen, and suction to minimize anyone's exposure to mercury vapors during the drilling. Their number is 526-7546. The address is 1313A Gilman, near the BART tracks. They do bill insurance, but reimbursement is generally based upon replacing (a cracked) amalgam with amalgam, not composite. Dr. Broderson also can adjust one's bite. He has used muscle testing too to detect problems with existing root canals. Nori

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