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Elon Bartlett

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Re: Help for sciatica, need good chiropractor (March 2007)
I'd like to recommend Elon Bartlett, DC. He is a skillful chiropractor and he is also a warm and caring person. His office is located in Berkeley. (He used to work at ''Back in Action'' but he doesn't work there anymore.)
Re: Chiropractor for pregnancy pubic symphysis pain (Jan 2007)
Elon Bartlett is a chiropractor specializing in treating pregnant women. His office is located at 2509 Milvia St and his number is 510-843-1234. I'm 5.5 months pregnant and just started seeing him for pubic symphysis and SI joint pain. He seems very thorough and definitely was very familiar with the types of complaints I'm having. Michelle
Re: Chiropractor for pregnancy pubic symphysis pain (Jan 2007)
elon bartlett of bartlett chiropractic. he is on the web. i went to him just a few weeks ago for my pain during pregnancy and he did a lot to help. beth
Re: Chiropractor for pregnancy pubic symphysis pain (Jan 2007)
Dr. Elon Bartlett treats pregnantwomen with many different situations and conditions, as well as infants etc. He is gentle, competant and well liked. The office number is 510 843-1234 at 2509 Milvia St between Blake and Dwight Way in Bkly. Please tell him June referred you (I work with him...massage therapist). Good luck, June
Re: Chiropractor for postpartum back pain (May 2006)
Dr. Elon Bartlett is your man. Elon is a ''family chiropractor''. He sees pregnant women, post partum, infants, children and everyone else. He has helped many an achey and stressed out new mom. He also does Craneo/Sacral Therapy which is very calming and quieting. Elon is kind and gentle. Very comfortable to be with. Office address is 2509 Milvia Street in Bkly (between Dwight Way and Blake st). Office number is 510 843-1234. june
Re: Chiropractor for postpartum back pain (May 2006)
I am a psychotherapist who works with women around perinatal and post partum issues. I have heard very good things about Elon Bartlett, D.C. whose office is on Milvia St. in Berkeley. I have met him but have never been treated by him myself. His contact information is 510.843.1234 Best of luck - Gina
Re: Injured my back carrying the carseat (July 2003)
Dr. Elon Bartlett, chiropractor, specializes in pre and post natal issues. He might be able to help. He has an office in Berkeley and I'm sure you can get his number from the yellow pages. Good luck. hb
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