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Living in West Oakland CA

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March 2010

I'd like to hear from families who have lived or are currently living in West Oakland. We have a 16 month old and have been considering owning for some time, but the cost of owning a home is so high. We love Oakland, want to be near a BART station, and yearn for more space. Garden, yard, space to grow with more little ones. Everyone we've talked to thinks we're crazy to consider it, but is it so bad? Would love to hear all of your opinions--crime, neighbors, etc. Thanks! Yearning for a home

Hi, I live in West Oakland with my husband and two children (2 and 9mo). We have owned our home for the last three years. There seems to be certain blocks that are fine, and some that are less than satisfactory. We live near the Emeryville border and have found it to be pretty quiet most of the time. The things that we like about living here: We could afford to own our home for the same or less than renting one. We have our own backyard for the kids, dog, and gardening etc. Commuting is very easy via BART, bus, freeway. My husband commutes to SF daily using his bike and BART. There are a lot of industrial/ urban artists. It's pretty diverse. We have neighbors of a variety of ethnicities. People are generally friendly. Being conveniently located near all that SF and the East Bay have to offer is priceless.

The negatives are what you would expect. I have heard gunshots, have called the police to complain about squaters/ drug dealers in empty houses. I have concerns about the polution in W.Oak. and yes once I gave an addict w/ no clothes on her bottom half a pair of pants.

To give the hood some credit my Honda has not been broken into or stolen in the three years I've been here. I wish I could say the same for Emeryville and Berkeley. All in all I think that West Oakland has a great deal of potential. In the last three years I've seen a gradual improvement and I really feel that it will continue to improve. People told me I was crazy at first, but now most of our friends that visit are jealous that we have a yard! It's not for everyone but it works for us.

If you would like to discuss this any further please ask the moderator for my e-mail. I would be more than happy to correspond via e-mail. West Oakland resident

We just moved from W. Oakland to Pinole with our (now) 10-month old. There are many factors involved, but in short, don'T move to WO for the access to outdoor space - the air quality there is some of the worst in the Bay Area due to being near the ports and surrounded by freeways. Asthma rates for kids are higher there than anywhere in the bay area, and life expectancy is shorter. Also, no grocery stores. We lived on a nice quiet street where we could have a garden, but over the 5 years we were there we heard gunshots too many times to count. The area close to BART is much worse than where we were (a 15 min walk from BART). Marnie
I have a girlfriend who lives in West Oakland...the stories she tells are not pretty...I'm from's a tough call...check out the home prices in the Richmond Annex...see what you think... oaklander living outside oakland
We've been living on the border between Oakland Downtown and West Oakland for almost five years now, and been mostly pretty happy.

Pros - There are indeed some very nice and quiet streets. It is close to freeways and we like walking to Bart. There are many fun places in walking or short driving distance. For example, we go to Fairyland, Jack London Square to eat ice-cream and watch boats, the Harbor Shoreline park for bike riding, the Kinetic Arts Center for circus classes. Not sure what the West Oakland library is like, we go to the Main Library, they have a large kid's book selection. There is a new organic food coop right across from West Oak bart station, which opens early for coffee and breakfast goodies. The Crucible is great place to take art classes or Summer camps.

Cons- The schools are rather low- performing, so be prepared to apply for a transfer or pay for private schools. Playgrounds can be dirty or un-safe. There are some rougher areas, often near housing projects or liquor stores. You can get a crime report from the Police Department. Sonja

Jan 2010

Re: Schools, commutable,urban under $500k?
West Oakland--take Hollis from Emeryville under the freeway and you'll come to some ''gentrifying'' blocks. I have a friend who was going to buy on Hannah and 32nd, that's how I came to know this area. Very ''urban'' with that mix of hipster-ghetto vibe, but nice houses, many fixers, some cool businesses here and there. And walkable/bikable to Emeryville. Some crime here and there but pretty safe.

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