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Where to buy refurbished windows?

Dec 2010

We just bought a house in Berkeley (who would have thought!) and are working with a contractor on a few projects, including replacing some windows. I'm looking for some recommendations for where to buy a few things in the area, as I haven't come up with much from Yelp or Google. Some (refurbished?) used glass for replacing windows. The house was built in the 1920s and we would like to stay true to the aesthetic, although our budget is limited. Thanks for any ideas or recommendations! clueless about home renovation

I suggest you check out the salvage yards, Ohmega Salvage, Ohmega two, and Urban Ore. Also if you are clueless about home renovation, go to the Building Education Center for classes that are geared toward homeowners and amateurs who wish to learn this stuff. Good Luck! Andus
Urban Ore off Ashby near San Pablo in Berkeley has tons of used windows and always a few cast iron bathtubs (they might need refurbishing though). Ohmega Salvage on San Pablo between University and Ashby always has a GREAT selection of cast iron bathtubs in different styles, refurbished and not refurbished ones, and they also have someone on site who does the refurbishing in case you favorite tub is still in its original condition. Good Luck!
Check Urban Ore on Ashby Av. near the freeway for your windows. I have bought salvaged doors there - they have a LOT of stuff. Just be aware that old houses have settled over the years and are no longer square, same for old windows and old doors. So be prepared to pay for the contractor's time to fit the old window to the old window frame. Buying pre-fab windows that look old may be cheaper. Ginger
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