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Wooden Windows: Repairing & Upgrading

Please note: this page contains reviews and opinions sent in by Berkeley Parents Network subscribers. Your own experience may be different. Please always check references first!

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2011-2013 Recommendations

Wood Window Replacement in older Alameda home

Nov 2012

I am looking to replace existing windows with wooden windows in my older home in East End Alameda (Fernside District). What have been your experiences? Thank you drafty windows

We used Frameworks in Oakland to replace the windows in our East End bungalow and we are *very* happy with the results. Ralph really knows old houses. The results look great, and the improved performance over the dreadful aluminum windows we replaced is huge. Frameworks, Oakland, (510) 653-7075 Anon

Window Refinishing and Restoration

Aug 2012

We're looking for an experienced person (not just a handyman) to work on the interiors of our living and dining room windows: to restore and refinish them. These are original, small-pane windows (probably redwood) in our 1920s era modest craftsman style house. They're just beginning to deteriorate. Bill

Erwan Illian does excellent work restoring windows. His phone number is 510-847-2898. He is a finish carpenter and does extremely professional work restoring damaged/rotten wood and replacing glazing. He restored a window for us and it is impossible to tell where he replaced the rotten wood. He also works to keep costs down. We have had a lot of contractors work on our older house and Erwan is at the top of that group for quality of workmanship. Anon
Last year I did some renovations on a home in Stockton that has been in our family since my grandfather built it in the 1920's. I couldn't find anyone in Stockton willing to do sash cord repairs, so I broadened my search and found Rick Hamilton, aka Rick the Window Guy. He had very positive references and was willing to travel to Stockton. It was a big job on a 2 story house, but Rick was flexible so fixing the windows was affordable. Some had broken panes, others needed new cords or locks, and the majority of them needed new putty. In the end 32 sash cord windows that had been painted shut were operable. Rick worked without any on site supervision, and I was 100% satisfied with the work he did. Rick is passionate about old windows. He knows what he's doing so things progress smoothly. He doesn't leave a mess behind, he's affordable, and he's a very nice man. His phone number is (707)799-3349 & his email is Old house Owner
April 2012

Re: contractor for front porch window install

I recommend Wooden Window for any kind of window installation. They produce THE most beautiful, high quality windows and they manufacture everything locally. David Huff is very knowlegeable. Give him a call at 510-530-3912. Catherine

Wooden window repair

March 2012

We've got a 1921 house with some wooden windows that need some repair work - some wood may need replacing, and certainly paint needs to be stripped and reapplied. In addition to the windows are the frames and some extra wood surrounding the frames. I have tried asking contractors and handymen to come and do this work, but I've not had any positive responses. Can anyone suggest to whom I might direct a job such as this that must be relatively common in this area? Adrian

I highly recommend Marco Florian, he is a is a great painter and handyman. He has done numerous painting jobs in our home and properties as well. He did a great job painting some furniture we wanted to have an antique look. He has other great skils as well like plumbing,tiling,carpentry, etc. He has also experience remodeling bathrooms and kitchens. He can work on weekends or evenings if needed; Marco always goes the extra mile and his rates are very reasonable. He is reliable, polite, creative, good nature man. You can reach Marco directly at 510-301-5629 or Ana

2009-2010 Recommendations

Replacement and Installation of Windows for 1920's home

Nov 2010

Hi. We've recently moved into a cottage built in 1921 and need some windows replaced. Anyone have a direction on favorite places to purchase windows and individuals/companies who install them? We would rather go with wood. . . I think. . . but I'd also like to know peoples' experiences with different kinds (vinyl, fiberglass also) from a practical as well as aesthetic point of view. Thank you in advance for your suggestions. New Home Owner

We use Wooden Window whenever we need windows on a project. David Huff the owner is extremely knowledgable and will advise you on what would be the best type of window to use on your project. He is quick to respond and they have great customer service. David Huff Wooden Window 510 350 3912
We just had the windows in our 1918 bungalow replaced. We changed out the terrible single-pane aluminum trimmed windows for *lovely* double-pane wood trimmed windows and are thrilled with the change. We had our windows made by Ralph Torres of The Frameworks in Oakland (510-653-7075). He knows old houses and has a great eye for detail. We had them installed by the contractor that Ralph recommended (Dave Grubb of David Grubb Construction in Berkeley; 510-334-1275), and really appreciated the knowledge that both Ralph and Dave had of homes from that era. Good luck! Happy New Window Owner

Editor Note: recommendations were also received for Prefabricated Windows

Recommendations for window installation

May 2010

I'm looking for recommendations on a contractor that can replace all of our windows and front door. We recently had a contractor come by and I didn't care for his seemingly lack of interest in the project (perhaps too small?). He seemed to think we knew all the exact details of what we wanted, yet we're so confused over all the choices/types! We're looking for someone with a more helpful nature and more eagerness to work with us on this. We're in Lafayette/Walnut Creek area. lisa

I had an excellent experience working with Charles Seames of Sequoia Pacific Construction. I have an old home (circa 1906) in Oakland and had five of the drafty, original windows replaced. His was the second (and lower) of two bids I received. I certainly appreciated the lower price, but even more, I appreciated his clear communication, easy-going yet professional manner, and excellent recommendations. The windows look great, and the inside temperature of the house has gone up by about 5-6 degrees on cold days. I'm very pleased. Charles' contact information: 415. 378. 8031 or -Kathleen

Editor Note: recommendations were also received for Prefabricated Windows

Repairing broken double hung windows

May 2010

We have several 88 year old double hung windows with ropes that have snapped, and various other old window ailments. Our housepainter (who broke a couple of these!) feels the windows are repairable, and we'd appreciate recommendations for a window specialist handyman. The BPN website has lots of recommendations for window replacement, but not much on wood window repair. Thanks. maryl

I had a bunch of double paned casement windows repaired by Mario at the Wood Windows Warehouse They saved me tons of money not having to entirely replace the non-functional windows in my new house. Some windows needed to be replaced, some just needed new locks and hinges. I am sure he does double hung as well. he will come out and give you an estimate. The estimate and final price were the same for me. happy customer
I would call the Building Education Center (525-7610) and ask about David Clark. He teaches a class called WINDOW AND SASH REHABILITATION. If he does not do this anymore, he would probably be able to refer you to someone. AB, Architect

2007-2008 Recommendations

Contractor to replace windows in old house

June 2008

Hi- I am looking for a contractor for 6-8 new windows to be installed in our 1920's home. I have found some replacement contractors in the archives, but not so many recent referrals for all-new installations in an old house. Unfortunately the previous owner removed 75% of our old windows AND the frames so we need to buy all new replacement units. This entails not only new trims inside and out but breaking our stucco exterior and then repairing it by patching- hopefully matching the finish! If you've had a similar install and have a good recommendation or advice please let me know- we're desperate for a high quality job! So far I've had 2 window installation companies come out and I wasn't impressed with their proposals- I'm not feeling like I am going to get a finished project with high craftsmanship out of them....Thanks pam

I highly recommend Andreis Filtis, 415.867.2258. He is a licensed contractor who's happy to do smaller jobs and competent to do larger ones. He is reliable, communicative, easy-going, and quality-oriented. Unlike other contractors I've worked with, he and his assistant don't make a racket and clean up their mess every day. He's a good problem-solver and does everything well, from structural work and sheetrock to cabinetry and painting, without a slew of subcontractors (one exception is electrical work). I would work with him again in a heartbeat! Good luck. Terry
Funny that your question should come up right now. I am just having Marius Construction finish installing duo pane windows in my Craftsman style home. The work is great! This is the second time I have hired Marius to work for me-his crew are hard workers, polite, and highly skilled. They even milled the trim to match that of the rest of the house which was built in 1910. They arrive on time every morning, clean up after themselves every day, and the job is done on time. The prices are extremely reasonable and the finish work is very fine. You couldn't ask for a better experience with a contractor. You can reach Marius at 510-828-6551 Susan
For all sorts of window installations I recommend FrameWorks on MLK near the Childrens Hospital. Ask for Ralph. They've done numerous windows for us and for some of my clients. Tom
I highly recommend Guillaume Canivet of Canivet Construction. His website is Tel: 510-528-3700. He and his crew just finished a major remodel of my house in Berkeley Hills. They installed all of my windows along with the trim on the outside and inside. Canivet Construction takes both large and small jobs. Guillaume is honest and hardworking, as is his crew. We interviewed quite a few contractors before deciding upon Guillaume. Not only was his bid the most competitive, Guillaume takes pride in his work and genuinely wants you to be happy with the results. Happy with my Contractor
I had replacement windows put in my home. the windows were built into the stucco so the contractor had to cut open the stucco around each window and then reinstalled the trim. They then re-stuccoed around each window and reinstalled the trim. They restuccoed around each window and did all the finish work. He was affordable, tidy, and a good craftsman. His name is Glen Larsen; his number is 510-232-9122. Good luck! Lois
A Taylor Made Window 
5327 Jacuzzi St. #5E
Richmond, CA 94804
They just replaced many windows and a sliding glass door in our house. They were very efficient and professional. And they also worked hard to find a solution to a siding problem we had as well. Their staff is all very friendly and easy to work with. I highly recommend them. Denise

Storm windows for my beautiful old wooden windows?

Jan 2008

I am looking for someone who has the seemingly lost art (at least in California) of fabricating and installing glass storm windows. I am not interested in replacing my beautiful old wooden windows--just in getting a second layer of glass--with screen--caulked into my old Oakland bungalow. Is there anyone who still does this work in the area? hml

I'm not sure if they handle this service, but you might contact Wooden Windows. They recently installed a custom wood casement window to match the existing windows in our old 1920s house. They are true craftsman and the quality is excellent. They work on historic homes and are very knowlegable and good problem solvers. They actually return phone calls and respond to you even for small jobs! If they can't do this job for you, they can provide a recommendation of someone who might. I would trust who they might recommend. 510-893-115, ask for Christine. Susan

High quality custom windows

April 2007

We have a 1930's spanish style house in Alameda with unusual plaster details at the existing windows - hard to explain without a photo. We desperately need replacement windows due to leakage and draft problems. I am looking for recommendations for high quality contractors/window companies. We would like to work creatively with someone who will take the extra care and time to preserve the overall look of our windows - while somehow replacing our single-pane glass with double pane operable windows. Any suggestions? trying to do it respectfully

We just replaced over 20 windows in our 1930 English cottage Rockridge house. After receiving numerous bids, we hired Robert Prestegaard, an independent window specialist, who did an outstanding job. He's exceedingly careful, meticulous, and respectful of the integrity of the house. He had a custom shop manufacture the windows to exact specifications and then he personally installed each one, fitting them into our not-so-true redwood frames. He also reconfigured them to swing outward rather than inward. They are now leak-free and lovely. A couple of notes: Robert is not an advocate of double panes, which we originally wanted, but his seals are so precise we feel ok without them; the installation process was fairly slow, as Robert was working solo (he sometimes has an assistant, but wasn't available this time); however, Robert was a quiet and respectful occupant of our living room and dining room--really not a problem in any way. He cleaned his area each day, which was important for our 2 young children. Oh, and his price was really fair--not the lowest, but certainly not the highest, and I feel his value was enormous. Robert takes great pride in his work and really cares about pleasing his clients. We had a post-installation problem that involved the painters, and Robert followed up assiduously to make sure it was resolved. Robert can be reached at 510.528-7774. Happy to answer more questions if you have them. polly
A great company to use for your replacement windows is Sinan's Windows. My friend at work recommended them and I am so glad I called. Paul (I believe that is the owner's son) came to our house and was very knowledgeable. He spent time with us and answered all our questions. At first I was overwhelmed but in the end I was surprised at how easy the process was. The installers are very professional and skilled. I thought I would be left with a big mess but they did a great job cleaning up. I am very happy with the wndows and Sinan's is FANTASTIC!!! I can't say enough. in Oakland.
About 7 years ago we used Wooden Window, 510-893-1157, to replace a bunch of original 1930s standard-size, single-pane, double-hung windows with Marvin dual-pane, double hung windows (wooden on the inside but permanently coated/colored/protected on the outside). They also replaced an aluminum plate glass window with a simple, beautiful custom, dual pane, three-panel window. We were very happy with the company and the windows. Those dual-pane windows haven't failed (lost their vaccuum) yet, although one Marvin window (out of many) in our addition has failed. I hear that technology has improved since then, and you can get the same sound/temperature protection as double pane by using something like a transparent mylar layer, instead of vaccuum, between two sheets of glass. peg

2005-2006 Recommendations

Replacing windows and sashes

Sept 2006

Any recommendations for window & sash replacement? We have an old home (c.1924), and would like to use wood, if possible, without spending a small fortune. anon

Hello: I used Wooden Window warehouse in Emeryville.652-1662 Mario came out to the house to measure the windows and was curteous. Their delivery time was reasonable and their price was fair. I had the weatherstripping added and I like it. There was a problem with one of the sashes, and they had no problem in making me another. I did the installation, although I think they do the service as well Good luck Tim
An inexpensive, do it yourself fix is to buy kits to re-frame the windows. Essentially, they come out, as do the old-fashioned sash weights, and the edges are trimmed slightly, then lined with vinyl sliders, on the windows and correspondingly on the frames, so they fit much tighter and they open in to wash. Not as good as new double paned that are well-installed, but a quick fix for windows that are leaking air around the sides, and WAY cheaper. (Cheap or poorly installed double-paned windows are no help at all.)

We did this in Minnesota and it made a huge difference. (We had storm windows for winter, however.) In this climate, I question whether spending huge $$$ on double-paned windows makes economic sense--the payoff would take years and years. Windows that are leaking air on the sides etc are a different story--they are easy to fix as indicated. From the snowy north

We just replaced two of our single-paned windows with new Marvin windows - all wood - and used Wooden Windows. Their office is just up from downtown Oakland, and they were great. They responded to emails and phone calls quickly when we were first looking. They were curteous and timely when they came out to measure and install and they were very communicative while we were waiting for the windows to arrive. They were very well aware that the windows wouldn't fit perfectly as ordered, the house not exactly being square any more, and they came with all the equipment to deal with that. They cleaned up great too.

The drawback? The price. We have a c.1908 cottage in Temescal and our two new windows cost around $2,000. Mind you, the windows are non-standard size and had to be special ordered and are now double paned (which is really nice) but certainly not cheap. The thing is, at least from my perspective, if you put non-wood windows on an old house it just looks funny. So we sucked it up and put down the cash.

Oh yeah, the other drawback, our window coverings don't fit any more. They added some molding to ''finish'' the window on the inside because the new windows are less deep than the old ones, but now our shades which used to fit inside the window no longer fit and we have to figure out what to do: curtains or new shades. I can't say we were expecting that.

Absolutely I'd recommend working with Wooden Windows Claire

May 2005

We want to repair/replace some of the windows in our home. I looked on BPN but most of the postings were several years old. We're looking for quality craftsmanship to either fix or recreate the original six paned windows. Thanks, Sara

My wife and I recently had a wonderful experience with Sinan's Windows in Oakland. They are a family business that really care about what they do and it shows. They have a refreshing "no non-sense" style, and low pressure approach, while offering 1st class service from the beginning to end of our project. We got bids from several other companies (V&W, lumber yards, Larsen), but found Sinan's to offer the best value by far. Their prices were competitive, but they had better service, knowledge, and were really nice people to work with. We also felt really comfortable with the installers in our home while we were at work! We are really happy that we chose them and would use them again without hesitation. David

2003-2004 Recommendations

June 2003

Hi, I have been looking for a wooden window repair man to no avail. any good experiences out there for such carpenter + installation person ? thanks. dani

We recently had our double-hung windows repaired, and I have two names to pass along: Robert Prestegaard, 528- 7774, and Glen Larsen, 232-9122.

Both men were nice and responsive and seemed very knowledgeable. Prestegaard specializes in installing, restoring and ''troubleshooting'' wood windows and came highly recommended. We ended up using Larsen, however, because he also was able to do other handy-person work we needed done (electrical, grouting, fencing, etc).

Glen Larsen did a great job opening our old double-hung windows that had been painted shut, fixing the mechanisms and doing the necessary patching and repainting of the frames. He and his co-worker, Juan, also did a fine job with the rest of our long list of repairs. They were friendly, accommodating, returned phone calls promptly, cleaned up thoroughly and generally communicated very well with us. We recommend Larsen highly.

Larsen's rate is $43 per hour (plus materials); I forget Prestegaard's rate, but I think it was $60-something per hour.

Please email if you want more information. Robin

Although Wooden WIndows is not cheap, we would never go to anyone else: Windows are custom designed, built, and installed and their sales and construction folks are top- notch professionals. We had a small latch problem on one of their windows one year later and they came out immediately to repair it. They also caulked (glazed?) three windows gratis. The windows are beautiful. good luck- CJP

Earlier Reviews

November 2002

I have seen some dated messages regarding window contractors but would like to ask for recent experiences with the following contractors. I am currently accepting bids and would appreciate comments on: Frameworks John Staton Windows V & W Windows. Please comment on quality and type of windows installed, quality of work performed, value / cost, timeliness of installation, and anything else I should know! Thanks, kathryn

Frameworks made some windows for our house. First they came out to take measurements, and one of the employees installed the windows. As I recall the installation was technically considered separate from Frameworks, but they arranged everything. The price seemed reasonable and the windows look good, but one of them leaked significantly. The Frameworks rep who came to examine the leaking window declared that it was the roof, not the window that was leaking. Turned out that it was the window, as I learned from the contractor we hired to fix the problem. I don't know if I would use them again, but the windows do look good.
to the poster seeking recommendations for frameworks - i can not speak more highly about their work. i dealt directly with ralph, the owner - who was cordial, on budget, and produced magnificant windows and doors for my home. I have a 1920s berkely bungalo, in which someone had put alumunium windows. frameworks built replacement windows for all but the two original windows - matched the design, etc. They also built a french door, and a beautiful craftsman door. Ralph suggested a stained glass designer for the lites in the front door windows and also two small windows on each side of the fireplace - beautiful work. And highly recommended. margo
May 2002

Some time back, I posted about my experiences searching for replacement windows for my home. I hadn't yet chosen anyone to do the work, but had narrowed the field to two or three strong contenders.

Someone on the list recommended Tony Diamantine to me, giving him such a glowing reference that I decided to call him. Indeed, he was extremely pleasant--and came in with what seemed an unusually low bid for replacing ten good-sized, custom windows. I actually wondered how he could possibly make much of a profit with such a low bid!

He just finished the work a few days ago, and I am thrilled with the work Tony did. The windows look dynamite. During the project, he and his helper left no sign that a big job was going on, leaving everything immaculate at the end of each day. He noticed a tiny fingerprint on the glass between the double- glazing on one of the windows (I *never* would have noticed it) and insisted that he come back with a clean replacement pane. He also disposed of the old windows and screens for me. I could not be more pleased!

Tony Diamantine's phone number is 510-410-3039. His fax number is 707-792-9697. If you ever need to replace your windows, he's the man to call! cas

March 2002

I would like a recommendation for someone that can replace the windows of my old home. I don't need the window sash and sill replaced. I simply want to replace the sash. So these would need to be custom made to fit my windowsills. I am currently getting a bid from Wooden Windows but would like to get at least a couple of more estimates. Diana

You should at least call Frameworks, in Oakland, on, I think, San Pablo. They do a good job, and specialize in windows and doors, including custom stuff for older houses. In my limited experience, Wooden Windows is not the most cost-effective way to go, although the quality is very high. You might also drop in to Truitt and White and see what's available through them. They're very helpful. Ashby Lumber is another option. Wendy
I would like to recommend Aladdin's Sash and Glass, Windows and Doors (510) 264-9353. They are located in Hayward but do work in Oakland/Berkeley area. Not long after we moved in to our 1927 built home, the guys at Aladdin came over to look at my windows and doors. Instead of recommending replacement of many of the windows, they told me some of them shouldn't be replaced. A few of the windows are mahogany with hand blown antique glass. Others needed some elbow grease to get back into good shape. They took the time to explain to me how I could either hire someone to restore them or how I could do it myself. Aladdin both orders and installs custom replacement windows -the sash - and can fabricate very specialized replacements in their shop in Hayward. I was truly impressed that they didn't try to take advantage of the naivety of a young first time homeowner. I will be using Aladdin again. Kara
October 2001

We're looking for a good person (or company) to redo/replace a number of double hung windows in our house. Any suggestions? Thanks!

We recommend Wooden Window [510-893-1157]. They repaired six double-hung wooden windows at our home about six years ago. They also put in two new casement windows. Although not cheap, they are very skilled, reliable, conscientious and neat. They do not replace frames. They only work with wooden windows. Suzanne

We used Wooden Windows (893-1157): Extremely reliable, elegant windows, expensive. Doug & Jean

We went through a similar search to find replacement wooden windows. I ended up gonig to Ashby Lumber to see what they carried. They provided a reference to a guy named Jim Cooper, at 510/531-2263. We are having Cooper replace 17 windows in our house -- the windows are supposed to arrive any week now, so I can't vouch yet for the quality of his work. However, thus far he has been very agreeable to work with. Cooper only installs Marvin tilt-paks, which are wooden, double hung, double pane windows. His price seems decent. For a couple of more complicated openings that require carpentry, we are having East Bay Construction do the work. They did a fair amount of internal carpentry on our house before we moved in, as well as foundation work, and we are quite pleased with their work. Again, not cheap, but not as expensive as we'd thought. Jody
We recently used Frameworks in Oakland to build custom wooden windows. They did a nice job and the windows fit perfectly into the design of the 1920's building. I don't know if they build double pane/insulating windows. Pamela
Frameworks in Oakland made and installed some replacement wooden windows for my house a couple of years ago, and they are okay. Frameworks will send someone out to your house to take measurements if you want them to. Donna
If you want to build windows that looks like the old ones, I can recommend Wooden Windows in Oakland. They replaced 5 windows in my old house this year, building them from scratch to look like the originals. They look great. We also had some new "friction hinges" put on all the windows in our sunroom, which meant they took all 8 windows out, cleaned them up, replaced broken hardware, and re-installed them with new hinges so that they now open and close properly. Also they repaired two old wooden french doors that had dry-rot near the bottom; they saved the upper 80% of these doors, and cleverly made new bottom sections for them. The Wooden Windows people were very professional and very skilled. The only caution I have - Wooden Windows is not cheap, and they could not give me a breakdown ahead of time as to what each of the different jobs would cost. They gave me one figure for all the work. As the work went on, I changed my mind about a couple of things, and was happy to pay the difference. However, new problems came up that I was charged extra for (replacing one pane of a leaded glass window turned out to require the entire window to be re-built). Worse, one job we'd discussed that I thought was included in the total, actually did not end up in the written agreement, so they would not do it without an additional charge. These two things were not exactly a case of dishonesty, but given how expensive the work was, and given that there was no breakdown of individual items, I was left feeling slightly dissatisfied in the end. So if you go with Wooden Windows on a big job, see if you can get a breakdown of expenses, and carefully review the written agreement. Ginger
We are at the tail end of a major remodel/seismic retrofit project on our house. Our contractor used ASAP Custom Windows at 5515 Doyle St. , Emeryville. at 601-6901 to make custom windows for our project. They are beautiful and match the style of the other windows in the house. And these windows are now the feature of the house, since they are seen from the street and span the living room. The cost for custom windows was, surprisingly, less than the cost for Marvin Windows at V&W in Berkeley. And I am not passing judgment on either Marvin or V&W, but manufactured windows would have been a big mistake for our house. I recommend you get a detailed bid from more than one supplier/contractor. Lissa
I have replaced 20 wooden windows in my house. I got several estimates. Wooden Windows was the costliest (3 times the price of what I ended up paying). They seem to be the most "craftsmanlike", but who knows. I ended up ordering my expensive Marvin windows through Ashby Lumber. They have a list of trades people who do almost exclusively window installation. These people will measure your windows for the order. (Do not do that yourself -- you want them to be responsible for the correct fit!) They charge about $100 per opening. I was happy with the results, though I had to ask them to modify a few things. I later did 5 windows myself with my regular "handyman". You don't have to be a rocket scientist, but I wouldn't do it again. Ruth
We just has Manor Windows in San Leandro fit us with new windows, and they are great. Very reasonable. The best ones, it seems, are the vinyl. We have also those decorative squares put in, which make the house look cute. Good luck GBGear
We just relpaced 7 of our windows. They were crank windows and large single paned glass windows. The company we used is Save Energy Company 800/728-3878, or go to We replaced our windows with milgard windows, expensive but worth it. The man to talk to is John Gorman, he's the owner and has been in business for 15 years. I highly recommend them! Stacey
I've been working on getting just two large windows redone in my home. It *is* expensive, but probably well worth it in terms of comfort and energy savings (and perhaps value added in design quality) if you plan to stay in the house. Also adds to re-sale value down the road. I've decided not to use companies that specialize in window replacements and instead use a reliable and experienced contractor. Visiting a good window store is very helpful. I've been impressed by V&W Windows in Berkeley and I think I will order my windows through them. They know their stuff and can give you immediate quotes that are accurate.
I just recently purchased a bungalo in Berkeley, and replaced virtually all of the windows in the house......... Companies like Marvin, etc. did not work for me because of the vareity of different sizes, and the fact that I wanted to duplicate the style of the few windows I did keep (the classic "small lite pattern" running along the top).

I make a very strong recommendation for Frameworks, located at 4530 Martin Luther King Jr Way, telephone (510) 653-7075. The owner's name is Ralph. He has been in the business for 20 years....... What impressed me about him was his knowledge of the subject matter, and the beautiful professional quality of the windows. The price was quite good also. He also makes beautiful "craftsman style" front doors. Margo

August 2001

Window repair: We used a guy named Michael Ashley in Oakland. Nice guy, good job. -Leslie

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