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How to get weeds out of brick patio

March 2002 Our brick walkway and patio have grass and weeds growing in the small crevasses between the bricks. Weeding these out by hand would be a tedious task. Any recommendations for an ecologically acceptable product that we could pour on them to destroy them or otherwise use to eliminate them? Karen
I've seen some gardeners use something like a blowtorch to burn the weeds away. You could probably get one at the OSH or Home Depot. Dawn
You can weed garden paths with a flame thrower. Tavie
A more low-tech way to deal with weeds in a brick patio or in the cracks in the sidewalk, if the area is not too big: your kettle. Get the water boiling, take it outside, and pour it onto the weeds. I just tried it a few days ago on the sidewalk in front of my house and it works great. I got about 10 feet of crack per kettle. If the weeds don't look dead for a day, they soon will die and dry. Then you can sweep them away, much as you do with an herbicide, but, no chemicals. Lynn
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