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Frame Shops

Please note: this page contains reviews and opinions sent in by Berkeley Parents Net subscribers. Your own experience may be different. Please always check references before hiring!

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Affordable Picture Framing?

March 2007

Framing can get rather expensive, but on the other hand, often you get what you pay for. Anyone have recommendations about a reasonably priced, quality framing shop in the Berkeley area ? Greg

I highly recommend Fastframe in Berkeley (1975 Shattuck Ave). Very high-quality, guaranteed, work. Artist-friendly, family- friendly. sara
They're not in Berkeley, but Cheap Pete's in Walnut Creek is excellent! I go there for all my framings needs. They are way more affordable than say Aaron Brothers and super hepful. Its a bit of a drive, but worth it. cheap pete's fan!
try North Berkeley Frame at 1744 Shattuck. i found them to be quite reasonable.
Try Sticks on Solano Avenue. Not as expensive as others are. Good work. Nice selection. Nice and professional staff. Anon

Custom Framing

June 2005

Can anyone recommend a good framing shop? I have collected some very old pictures of my family. I would like to get them framed to put up along my staircase. However, I would also like to find some way to identify who these people are without having to take down the picture and read on the back of it who they are. Has anyone ever had this done? Thanks for any help on this. mwg

Sticks is a fantastic frame shop on Solano Avenue in Berkeley. I just had them do a photo collage for me and it turned out beautifully. Maybe what you want to do is make small labels for each photo and have a separate cutout below your photo to identify who is pictured. I'm sure they could do that. Good luck with your project.
June 2004

Would anybody recommend good but reasonable custom framing shops, please? Thanks. Simona

Lars Lucker has a shop ''North Berkeley Frame'' at 1744 Shattuck in Berkeley near Francisco I think. He does nice work and he is reasonably priced. He does all the work himself and is very friendly.

More expensive is Jim Storey who does beautiful work. His shop is ''Storey Framing'' on Hopkins a block east of Monterey Market.

They have both framed many prints for me and always have good suggestions. Laura

try stoll in berkeley. my neighbor recommended them to me. I have only used them once for a small frame but the man was knowledgable and very helpful. Not cheap but very worth it. b3
I really like The Glen, a framing shop on Stockton in El Cerrito (cross street Ashbury, right across from the 7/11). The owner, Kathleen, has a great eye, will make suggestions if you want, or just let you pick out what you like. She has lots of frames to choose from, and her prices are reasonable. She does all her own work and you get your pieces back quickly. Judy
Recommendations from June 1998

From: Eric

Here's a frame shop recommendation in North Berkeley:

We had a couple of good experiences with the place on Solano Avenue (north
side of the street, on the first or second block west of Colusa).  They
did a beautiful job with some needlepoint and helped us out with
suggestions for hanging a picture.

My guess is that other places might be cheaper, however.  You may be able  
to get them to match another shop's lower price (the proprietor was fair
and quite helpful).


From: Gail

We really like Bosco on College near the intersection of Claremont Avenue.
The stop is a family run business and they do really great wrok. While it is
not as cheap as the frame-it-yourself shop a few doors down, the workmanship
cannot be beat!


From: Mary

I've heard that Sticks gallery on Solano Ave in Albany/Berkeley does good
work; used to be called the Weir gallery. We had framing done at Dow and
Frosini on Claremont, which was good, but expensive.


From: Rose 

I would like to recommend that you take your frameable items to The Glenn
on Stockton in El Cerrito... it is across from the 7-11. The owner's name
is Kathleen Glenn and she does great work. Her shop is full of examples of
the different kinds of things she has done. She has a great eye and is
happy to help you out for as long as it takes to pick your frames and mats.
Her prices are as good or better than you would get at those framing places
in the mall, and she brings so much experience to the job that it is worth
every penny.


From: Wendy

The best and the cheapest that I have found is Kitty at De Novo Design in
Berkeley near 4th St.  Her phone number is  528-8488.  Photographer Nan
Phelps uses Kitty for all her framing.  She is a lovely person to do
business with.  


From: Leah

Sorry to be late on this.  Storey Framing on Hopkins (by McGee, just east
of Monterey) does ultra-fine work, though of course they are not cheap.
Take your very best things there.  Nice folks too, with excellent ideas.
(We rec'd a gift certificate for a wedding gift - quite a few years ago
now.  It's the only reason we have anything framed at all!)


From: Natasha 

We have all of our framing done by Barbara Anderson Framing, down on 5th 
Street at Bancroft.    Phone is 848-3822.  They are absolutely the best - 
museum quality work.  Of course it's not cheap, but if you have artwork 
you care about, this is the place to go.  My husband became convinced 
that our then four year old daughter's paintings were every bit as good 
as many abstract pieces in museums, so he gave her some watercolors and 
some high quality paper from Amsterdam Art, and took the results to 
Barbara Anderson to frame.  It's hanging in his office, and it looks 
pretty fabulous.

As for posters and such, years ago Reprint Mint on Telegraph did an 
adequate job, but don't know how they are now.


From: Linda

I have all of my framing done at Raymond's,
3914 MacArthur, Oakland.
They are a fraction of the cost anywhere else.

Framing family photos

May 2003

Looking for a reasonably priced framing store in Oakland or Berkeley that does high quality work framing for family photos. I've seen the previous posts which seem outdated and higher priced suggestions.

------------- I'm a local professional photographer, and there are a couple of places I recommend my clients use for the images I create of their children and families. The first one is Babara Anderson Framing on Fifth St.(near Bancroft) in Berkeley. Barbara is a true artist when it comes to framing, they have excellent options...but it is more expensive.

When clients are looking to save some money, I recommend a shop in Oakland called Raymonds. It's on MacArthur Blvd. south of Park a few blocks (531-3277). The do good work for fair prices. Not the highest quality frames and not a lot of options, but better than off-the-shelf frames.

Remember to ask for UV protected glass, because you can diminish the life of photos significantly without it.

Hope this helps. Jonathan Payne

Check out Raymond's on MacArthur near High Street. (It's on the east side of the street.) They are reasonably priced and do good work. Julie
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