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Floor Heat Registers

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Directional vent/cover for floor heater

May 2006

I have heat registers in my floor and I thought I could put a piece of furniture that was on open legs over it, but someone said the heat may dry out the furniture. When we first bought the house, there were these clear plastic things on top of the vent that fit over it that would direct the air outward rather than upward. For some reason, that plastic piece disappeared when we moved in. Where can I buy something like this and would it solve my problem? It's annoying that the vents really limit where you can place furniture (they are centered under windows).

The piece you are looking for should be at most hardware places (including Home Depot)... it has been many years since I've bought one, but they were fairly cheap and were made of two sliding plastic pieces (so you could adjust the width) and also had small magnets on the bottom, so they would "stick" to the heat register. Basically, their purpose was to divert the heat in a certain direction, 90 degrees across the floor, instead of straight up. I'm not positive that this will protect your furniture, since hot air will still be fanning out underneath, even though it's going sideways, instead of straight-up.

You have one other alternative-- a thin magnetic sheet that will completely cover the register, which means essentially 99% of the heat is blocked and forced to exit through the next nearest registers. This should also be relatively cheap and found in most hardware stores. Just ask the staff, and they should know what you're talking about. Don't do this to too many registers in your house-- I'm told that the increased resistance causes stress on your furnace fan. Jim

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