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Kidz Love Soccer (Alameda, CA)

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Jan 2009

Re: Soccer for a 5 year old
I have been so impressed with Kidz Love Soccer in Alameda. Coach Chad has his finger on the pulse of the young set. Kids as young as 3.5 are learning soccer skills through fun games. In the 5 year old group, they do the games and then a little scrimmage at the end. It's always in the spirit of fun and my kids have loved it but they are actually learning to play. Sign up through Alameda Parks & Recreation. Soccer Mom

March 2008

I would like input on the Alameda Parks & Rec program called Kidz Love Soccer. It uses weekly 30 minute lessons to teach soccer to kids who are very close in age. It seems like a good approach, but I'd like to know how others' children have enjoyed it. My son is 3-1/2. Erin

My son started Kidz Love Soccer through Alameda Parks & Rec last fall, when he was 4.5 yrs old. He loves it! It is definitely a play-based, non-competitive approach, which for this age is ideal. He's learned a lot and improved his coordination, and had a lot of fun in the process as well. a fan of Kidz Love Soccer
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