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December 2002

The 6th grade boy seeking an after-school art class might find exactly what he's looking for in the Youth Art Studio program held at All Soul's Parish, an Episcopal church at the corner of Cedar and Spruce. The program is relaxed, but structured, the instruction is good (and they supply snacks!) YAS was designed to fill the hole you just encountered art instruction and a little bit of somewhere to be after school. The Church's phone number is in the phone book, and they can hook you up with YAS. Heather

I am the director of a wonderful after-school arts program for youth called Youth Arts Studio. I founded the program 4 years ago initially in just visual arts, and now we have added dance/drama, and beginning in January, we will be adding choir! I have a teen who loves art, and I found there was not anything available that truly focused on fine art (as opposed to crafts). There is such a program now! We have a Russian teacher who is a professional artist and we teach painting, drawing, printmaking, and some ceramics. Contact me at sbcglobal.net for more information. Susan Wight
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