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Re: Prenatal Yoga (1999)
I have been studying Bikram yoga for about a year now at the Yoga Source on Hopkins in Berkeley, across from the Monterey Market. Although it is not recommended that you start taking this yoga while pregnant because it is very strenuous, if you start before you conceive you can continue throughout the pregnancy. My first pregnancy was awful; I had bad morning sickness for the entire 9 months. But now that I am three months into my second, I've really been noticing a difference now that I'm taking yoga. I can go into yoga class feeling so sick I don't think I'll make it through class, and by the end of class the morning sickness is completely gone! And my overall level of nausea is much lower. They also say the yoga makes the delivery easier by strengthening the appropriate muscles. We'll see. (I hope so; my first was a 49-hour labor!)
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