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Surfing & Windsurfing Lessons

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Surf Camp for a Teenager?

April 2007

My teenage son is interested in a surf camp this summer. Any recommendations? He's surfed before, Hawaii and Santa Cruz, so he knows what's involved. Is there a sleep-away surf camp for teenagers near Santa Cruz or anywhere else approximately the same distance from Berkeley? I found camps in San Diego, Costa Rica, but this is pricier than I had in mind. thanks
surfer dude's mom

Paskowitz Surf Camp in San Clemente is terrific. It's family run, been around for years, has mixed age groups, and the instruction is superb. My teenage son loved it (and he's picky, believe me) -- as did our family doctor! Leela

Weekend windsurfing for kids

Oct 2005

My 12yo son took windsurfing at Cal Adventures in the summer, and would now like to pursue this sport. Can anyone recommend weekend/afternoon windsurfing classes or rentals for kids? active preteen's mom

Alameda has a big windsurfing and kitesurfing center. Its at the end of 8th street where it meets shoreline drive. good luck karen
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