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Spanish Classes for Teens

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Summer Spanish Conversation/Immersion Program

March 2010

Can anyone recommend a good program for teens for this summer to practice conversational spanish?

Yes! A fantastic small school run by native speakers, my son did a 2 hour class 4-5 days a week for 4 weeks and not only learned to speak, but covered an entire year of high school spanish curriculum, allowing him to move ahead a year. Classes were small, mixed teens and adults, or just teens (about 4-5 people/class), 2 week sessions, but they will allow you to tailor a program to your needs. It's called the mesoamerica institute in berkeley. They're just great! Raissa

Summer Spanish for 13-year-old?

March 2008

I am looking for Spanish lessons/classes for a 13 year old as an activity this summer. (It does not have to be a day or sleep away camp/vacation at this point. Just lessons). Or, does anyone know of anything such as College for Kids that might offer something like this? He will be entering 8th grade. Thank you! eb

Centro Latino on San Pablo in Berkeley (near Dwight Way) offers Spanish classes all year round for kids and adults. They have a more intensive program over the summer. The classes are small and the teachers seem to be very good. I took a class from Teresa and she was so positive and encouraging! I encourage you to check them out. Judy

Summer Spanish class for Teens

March 2004

My son has had poor Spanish preparation in middle school and we'd like to prepare him for Spanish 3/4 in high school in the fall. Any suggestions on classes and/or tutors who could help him catch up over the summer? We already plan to cap off the classes with an immersion program in Mexico, so I'm already aware of programs abroad (but if you have had an exceptionally good experience with one, especially in Oaxaca, I'd like to hear about that, too). Thanks! Robin

Try Centro Latino in Berkeley. They have wonderful teachers/classes though out the year. 2530 San Pablo Ave. Suite E in Berkeley. 510-849-4504 Zeze
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