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Loving Arms Childbirth Classes

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May 2009

Re: Birthways vs. Kaiser for childbirth prep class

Try looking at Loving Arms childbirth prep classes. The class is 8 weeks long and includes breastfeeding and newborn care/postpartum. Me and my husband took this series in Spring/Summer 2006 and they were very thorough, interesting and useful. They provide a mix of ideas that they have put together after YEARS in the birth business which gives these classes lots of credibility (in my opinion). These classes definitely lean towards natural childbirth, so if you are interested in learning how to get an epidural as quickly as possible, or scheduling a c-section this series is probably not for you.

Everyone I know who has taken these classes would provide rave reviews.

Contact Janaki Costello for enrollment at (510) 525-1155

By the way, in case you didn't know, she is THE lactation consultant around these parts and teaches a fabulous session on breastfeeding. susie

Dec 1999

Janaki Costello's 8-week class is excellent; very informative, practical and non-dogmatic. Her number is 525-1155. Classes are held at her home in El Cerrito.

Nov 1999

I took a very helpful and informative childbirth prep class from Janaki Costello, who was also our doula and lactation consultant. She is EXCELLENT!! She can be reached at 525-1155.

Dec 1998

Janaki Costello's classes have been recommended twice already, but I'm adding to the recommendation because my experience with her was so positive. First of all, her class provided a perspective that emphasized drug-free childbirth while still giving me the information needed to make an informed decision if labor didn't go as "planned" (as indeed my labor didn't). Her approach was refreshingly non-dogmatic, too. And as an added bonus, she encouraged women in the childbirth class to call her after delivery if we had questions regarding breastfeeding (over-the phone advice was free) -- I personally found this easier than calling a stranger. Jennifer

I have heard that Janaki Costello is giving child birth classes from her house in Albany (or El Cerrito?). I think Janaki is great, I agree with her more natural child birth approach (she is a doula and lacation consultant), and find her to be very practical and open-minded. I would strongly recommend looking into her classes if she is still offering them.
Dec 1998

An excellent class with a natural childbirth focus is taught by Janaki Costello, a certified doula and lactation consultant. It meets at her El Cerrito home 1 night per week for 8 weeks and usually includes about 6-7 couples. We learned a lot and appreciated the supportive atmosphere of fellow future parents. Our class was also co-taught by Carol Shattuck-Rice, also a doula and attended by a mid-wife, so there was always ample experience in the room. I think the class cost about $110. Nancy and David

Dec 1998

We really loved our birth prep class at Birthways conducted by Janaki Costello (doula & lactation consultant - v good in these capacities too!). I believed janaki is now holding the classes privately in her home - 525-1155. Melanie

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