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Jingle Jamboree (Albany, CA)

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Sept 2013

Jingle Jamboree Music Summer Camp was a wonderful experience for our daughter. From the very beginning, I could tell it would be great. The music teacher, Mr. Jeff, affectionately known as Jingle Jeff, was friendly, enthusiastic, welcoming, patient, lovely, and great with the children. My daughter sometimes feels shy, especially in new group settings, but Mr. Jeff made sure that she felt part of the group. He taught the children social skills, such as kindness and respect. The first session of the Summer camp involved fun activities with musical instruments (including violin, drums, piano, etc), as well as singing, arts/crafts, and walking trips (such as to the local park for lunch when weather permitted). Seeing what a great experience the first session was, we promptly enrolled our daughter in the second session which involved participating in a musical. We will never forget Jingle Jeff or the great Summer experience our daughter had. The positive memories will last a lifetime. Stacey

July 2013

My son (7 years old) attended camp at Jingle Jamboree Music for 2 weeks. He had a ball. They learned about reading music, was exposed to a number of different instruments, and had an overall great time. I highly recommend the camp. My son came home singing every day and is still singing! Thanks Jingle Jeff! Happy Mom

March 2007

Re: Music-loving 2.5 year old
Your music loving toddler would love Jeff @ Jingle Jamboree. My toddler and I have been going to his classes for a year now. Jeff is amazing with the kids. The class is so much fun. My daughter looks forward to it every week. His website is A new session begins the week of April 17th. Check the website for the schedule and pricing. Kate's Mom

Aug 2005

Re: Music class for 4 year old
Jingle Jamboree Music offers a specific class for four year olds on Fridays at 11 a.m. The class incorporates singing, percussion instruments, puppets, props and very fun activities that are very engaging for children. For more information about my classes see Jeffrey Luna-Sparks jeff at

July 2001

Has anyone taken the Jingle Jamboree Music class with his/her child? I looked on the website and didn't see any comments about this particular program. I'm interested in any feedback one has to offer. Are there instruments involved? Movement? Interaction? Does the instructor play an instrument? Thanks... Shoshana

Regarding Jingle Jamboree, my 10 month old is in the class and loves it. The instructor uses various simple instruments like a flute or tapping wood sticks and some others. The instructor is very creative with props for each song and takes the class very seriously. He passes out bells and shakers to the kids and moms and helps us keep rhythyms and tunes. My son crawls to his feet at the beginning of the class because he knows he has the "fun stuff" and is eager to begin. The songs are very simple and catchy enough that we sing them throughout the week (sometimes I can't get them out of my head unfortunately!) I think it is a good value and my son also now claps when he hears music. I've met some great moms and babies too. I'd give it a thumbs up. Erin
Jingle Jamboree classes are taught at my son's preschool and he absolutely loves them. "Jingle Jeff" comes weekly and sings with the children. No instruments are used. The kids learn fun songs, play musical games and learn how to sing on-key. I have a hand-out of the program's philosophy that mentions all the concepts they teach by age, such as keeping a steady beat, noticing rhythm, volume, etc. I know our school has found that the kids are more interested in it after age three, with five-year-olds being the most engaged. Becky
My son has learned to tell the days of the week because he eagerly anticipates Jeff's visits on Thursdays. He sings many of the songs at home (they are imaginative and cute) and most of them I have never heard before. Highly recommended if this is what you're after.
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