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DanceVersity (Berkeley, CA)

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April 2013

Re: Dance camp for 13 year old beginner
My daughter has attended DanceVersity summer camp at Ashkenaz in Berkeley for many years, and has always loved it. The students have a wide range of dance experience, from none to lots. All levels are welcome, and together they learn new forms of dance from all over the world. (The kids are grouped by age, not ''level.'') It's a casual, fun environment, and the teachers are great. You can find more information at Susan

August 2009

Danceversity Camp is an awesome experience for kids who want to explore the world of dance. Each week, the kids take classes in 9 different styles of dance from all over the world. I'm very impressed by the director, Hannah Romanowsky, who hires some of the best instructors who are experts and performers in their field as well as being generous and loving people for the kids. It is geared towards kids ages 6-teenagers, - my son who is nearing 7 (and loves to dance) did a short session there and absolutely LOVED it. There are other kids who've been going there for 3 years and are incredibly impressive/diverse dancers. The instructors are really good at including colorful costumes, props, bits of fun cultural learning to make it a total experience. Oh and they do this fantastic performance at the end of every week that is AWE-INSPIRING! Very warm, nurturing environment for dance while being challenging and engaging as well. This camp is so cool, I want to go there! Holly

June 2009

Re: Bollywood style Dance Class for 4 Year Old
My daughter has loved Danceversity - very Bollywood and other Middle Eastern influenced dances. She has done it now for several years and started with Hannah, who runs the program, in the summer camp program. I'm not sure if they start as young as four, but do have young kids (boys and girls but mostly popular with girls). The camps we have done have been at Ashkenaz.

Hannah is (and her other dance instructors are) tremendous with the kids, very encouraging and welcoming. She has terrific props - scarves and sparkly costumes that capture the spirit. For the camps there is a final performance, most kids want to do it but Hannah is very accommodating.

All abilities and body types are truly welcome. My daughter has been doing this a number of years. Now she is hovering around puberty - I can't imagine a more elegant and affirming program to be part of through a sensitive phase. Check out Have fun! Megan

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