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Help working with digital photos

Jan 2007

I got a digital camera for my birthday last year. I've yet to REALLY learn how to do things on the computer with my photos. They are in Picture Project which is my basic photo storage area, and I have Ofoto, Kodak and Adobe. Truthfully I really don't know what the different programs do. I know how to send from Kodak, but I have so many questions. I need either a great class or someone to come to my house (for pay or barter (I'm a massage therapist)- and show me what the possibilities are. My husband gets frustrated with me so he's not a good teacher for me with this. Thanks for any recs on this. barely computer savvy

Eliot Khuner is a professional wedding photographer. I hired him to photograph my family. He even wrote a book about digital photography. He is very patient and loves to share what he knows about photography. I'm pretty sure he will come to your home for private instruction. Eliot[at] Stu S

Computer class for my Mom

June 2005

Hi there, My mom is in town to help me watch my 10 month old for the summer, and she would like to take an evening intro to computers class that would cover the basics, like how to send email, work with the internet, print things, etc. Is there a class that anyone can recommend? Definitely nothing advanced, she really doesn't know much about computers. Thanks a lot! Rudy

Piedmont Adult School offers introductory computer classes for older adults. I don't have first-hand experience with their computer classes, but I have been happy with other courses I've taken there. Here's a link to their computer courses for summer:
The Albany Library (and maybe other branches in the Alameda County Library system)offers individual tutorials for seniors who are new to computer use - especially internet and e-mail training. Contact them for details. You could also try the various Adult Schools in the area. R.K

Class to improve skills with Word, Excel

July 2003

I need to improve/increase my computer skills - which are pretty minimal - specifically in Word, Excel and general spreadsheet capabilities. I have an iMac in case that matters. Can anyone recommend any affordable, once or twice a week classes, preferably daytime or evening (not weekends), in or close to Berkeley? Thanks so much

Well, I can tell you that I was quite disappointed in the computer classes that I tried at Berkeley Adult School. My skills were minimal also, but the Word class I took was so slow and tedious that I hardly came out with anything at the end. I haven't tried Albany adult school, maybe they're better.

My computer consultant charges $50/hr for tutoring in computer applications. This may sound out of your budget, but he's so efficient and friendly that I think you might actually learn faster and cheaper in the long run with his individualized help. He's Corey Head at 415-586-4227 Cece

You might try Berkeley Adult School or one of the community colleges. The easiest way for me to learn is to get a project, and then get a book about how to do it and work through that way. Compumom

Computer Animation Class

May 2003

Our 12-year-old son would love to learn computer animation. Any summer classes out there for his age group--or possibly a tutor? shaka

College for Kids is a program run by California's Community Colleges. They often have challenging, unique programs for kids-- television production, robotics, etc. Your local community college may offer computer animation classes in their College for Kids program. Give them a call! Christina
There are a couple of computer camps that are listed on BPN that have animation as part of their curriculum. iD Tech Camps, Giant Campus. If you are looking for something more customized or one on one for your son, I'm available for tutoring. I just finished working for an elementary school in Castro Valley as their Computer Lab Manager/Computer Instructor. Best, Beth

Computer Programming for Teens

Feb. 2002

My 14 year old son would love to learn programming, with the eventual goal of designing video games. We haven't been able to find anything in the East Bay. He's been trying to teach himself from a book (C++ for Dummies) but it's tough going and there's noone to help when he gets stuck. I'd appreciate any leads to classes, teachers or more user-friendly resources. Thanks. Anna G.

Vista College offers a number of classes in computer programming, many of them in the evening. My 15-year old is currently enrolled in one, and has been quite comfortable in it. High school students can enroll at Vista quite easily....they need to get a form approved by their school, and then get it approved by Vista. They can take the class for either high school or college credit. Check with your son's counselor, or call the Vista College admissions office. Its too late to enroll for Spring semester, but there are classes in summer and fall. Jeffrey
Try UC - they have a summer program for C++ for teens. Yogreen
My son has gone to computer camp a couple weeks every summer for the last three years. He's attended Cybercamp because it offers robotics, video classes, game programming and C++. The college kids and grads who lead the classes are great and there's flexability for anyone who changes their mind about what they want to try out. Unfortunately, it's very expensive. So this year, having taken robotics and other related subjects, he's mainly interested in C++. My plan is to wait until the camps issue of Parent's Press comes out, and see if there's a less costly alternative, though I highly recommend Cybercamps is you can afford it. I look forward to hearing what other parents have to recommend. Thanks for asking. Dusky
Oct 1998

I have a son just turning 14 who has been intensely involved with computers for years now, but primarily playing games. He has shown some interest in programming, again related to games, and has taught himself enough to be able to create new levels for some of his games. He also does lots of tinkering with his computer system at home, and he is a computer technical consultant at his middle school. He is now showing a broader interest in programming, and we would like to encourage this. Any suggestions on opportunities or resources for kids of this age group? We would be interested in hearing about summer programs, other courses, books, groups, etc. Cynthia

Don't know if this is what you're looking for...I would encourage you to investigate programming classes at some of the local community colleges (Merrit, Vista, etc.). I took intro to programming at Merrit, and the class was quite diverse. I don't know the age range of the class. Many students came with skills far below your son's -- several were into gaming and aspired to write game software. Bob

Hardware Class

March 2002

My son (15 years old) is looking for a class or "tutor" this summer where he can learn to build his own computer. He's already lined up with Cyber Camp but they don't have this specific activity. Can anyone send me in the right direction? Thanks, Karen

While browsing for something else, I came accross the spring & summer course offering described below in computer assembly at West Contra Costa Adult Ed. (I have shortened the course description to its bare essentials, here, so get a catalog for full info.) Parental approval, or school approval may be required for adolescents taking these courses. Under Computer Technical Courses:
PC Compatible Basic Computer Assembly
Students work in groups of three to build a 32MB, 2.1 GIG hard drive, PC w/
Windows 98.  Lots of special topics covered re accessories, keyboards,
mopnitors, etc.  Class size limited to 12.

Offered at:
Alvarado Campus, 5625 Sutter, in Richmond
  Saturday classes start 5/11 & 5/18
Serra Campus, 6028 Ralston Ave, Richmond
  Tues/Th evening class starts 6/18

Course fee is $60, plus $8 book fee

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Registration in person at Adult & Continuing Ed office, 6028 Ralston,
Richmond. Phone 215-4666.  Spring & Summer Registration opened March 16, and
is open now.
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