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Gameboy: Type and Merchant

Nov 2003

My son is earning stars on his calendar towards a GameBoy. I see the SPs with folding screens and I see the oval-shaped ones. What is the difference, and do I need to make sure that games we buy will be suited to one or the other? For the SP (hinged model), I'm seeing a consistent $99.99 across the board. Any advice about where we might find it cheaper? Anything else I need to know? Letitia

Game Boy Advance (GBA)SP and regular GBA take the same games, as well as any older GB game (unlike the older GameBoy and GameBoy Color, which can not do the GB Advance games). The SP has a few added features, like rechargable battery, light-up screen, and magnified screen. It also folds up (obviously). The ''regular'' GBA is a little cheaper. It does eat batteries, but you can find add-on rechargeables (not necessarily officially approved by Nintendo, but ours has worked fine for over two years). I haven't seen the SP cheaper than you mentioned anywhere, but you can try GameStop in El Cerrito plaza - they sell used ones, and used games too (still not super cheap, but cheaper than new). R.K.
Regarding prices, Game Stop on Fairmont in El Cerrito Plaza has a good selection of pre-owned consols and games. My step-son has bought and traded tons of pre-owned materials there and never had any problems. He also joined the ''club,'' which gives you a discount card and a subscription to a game magazine. Regarding the models, I would ask the Game Stop employees about the advantages of the models and which games are interchangeable in them. LC
As a parent, I recommend the GameBoy SP. The internal light is worth the extra money. The games are the same for each, and it is easier to carry around. I bought mine for 99.99 at Best Buy, but Game Stop offers used GBs for $20.00 less.
Gameboy SP definitely. The folding style helps keep the screen free from scratches. Don't know of any cutrate merchants but you might luck out on eBay. Actually, now that SP is out you could probably get great auctions deals on older models. norm
hi, the price for the new sp is not likely to go on sale. but i do recommend purchasing at best buy since for $9 you can get a 2 year warranty where they will fix or replace your gameboy if it is broken etc. which, if your kid is like mine, is likely to occur!
teenage boys!!!
This is a follow-up to ''recommend purchasing at best buy since for $9 you can get a 2 year warranty where they will fix or replace your gameboy if it is broken etc. which, if your kid is like mine, is likely to occur!'' I strongly recommend that you read the Terms and Conditions for the Performance Service Plan or Product Replacement Plan. Best Buy doesn't put the Terms and Conditions online (which makes me wonder, right there), but I did find, for PSP, that ''normal wear and tear'' is covered, and for PRP, ''If your product is found defective under normal usage, we will provide a replacement.'' I don't think either Plan covers your teenager dropping and breaking the very expensive Gameboy Advance SP. I'm sorry, I think you've been taken. Good luck. Jennie
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