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From: Laura (2/99)

There is a fun store on Grand Avenue (opposite the ex-Safeway/now construction site) that has art consignments, but I don't know their policies. Also, I remember seeing one on the north side of University Avenue near Milvia. Good luck.

From: Karen (2/99)

Oh what memories. Contemporary Arts was the name of a consignment/rental store I bought a fabulous piece from many years ago: Vermillion Glow by Claussen. The artist had a studio in Berkeley and may still be listed under his name; and therefore able to direct you to a consignment place. I also suspect that the various art collectives in Berkeley and Emeryville could let you know of consignment places. Have you checked the yellow pages ? ? ?

From: Cathy (2/99)

There is an art consignment store located on Redwood Road in Oakland in the Lincoln Square shopping center. (This is near Holy Names College.) It's called PotPourrie and, although it mostly has craft-type things (jewelry, pottery, woodworking, etc.), it also carries paintings, sculpture and photography works.

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