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IEEE and Women in Iran
1 (a pedar)

I assume most of you know what organization IEEE is. For those hwo don't, IEEE is The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

In thier July 1999 magazine there is an articale about Iran. IEEE president traveled to Iran and met with students from Tehran University and Esfahan U. Based on his estimate the engineering students were women.

Check out the article in thier web site.


2 (a pedar)

This is encouraging. At 1971, when I was an engineering student in Tehran University we had about 3 women in a class of 60!

3 (a madar)

I am currently a graduate student of Electrical Eng. in Boston, the IEEE estimate is more or less true, and to my surprise here, is very different from Iran - where I did my undergrad- and there are only a small number of girls in Engineering in our school in US, because the minset about what girls can do is very different here.

Whereas in Iran it's no longer surprising for girls to shine in top engineering colleges, and I am proud of the fact that for three consecutive years the FIRST position in Engineering section of undergrad nationwide exam( Konkoor) in Iran was occupied by female students.

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