Some first hand experience about Travel to Iran

Another Report on Travel to Iran:

this is experiece from somone who travelled after 15 years.

National airline / trains

National airlines are old and traveling with them is not free of danger. The airplanes don't have the capacity of carrying that much of population. At the time of New Year's eve each passenger should buy the ticket two month ahead. Bus travelers are facing grave dangers due to non-standard roads and transportation means.

During my travel I heard news that 15 excellent Math students who were travelling toward city of Ahwaz were killed in a bus accident. The only thing that the conservative fraction leadership did was to manage a co-memorization ceremony for the dead. No newspaper or organization dared to criticize the incident. No investigation committee for finding out the accident reason was formed.

Mosques and their megaphone

The mosques megaphone is so loud that takes away peoples peace. The broadcast time in the religious days is from morning till night. The broadcasting could be heard across the entire city. In smaller cities the response to the opposing people was that the sound should be so loud that could be heard from all the smaller surrounding towns and villages which do not have a mosque. In month of Ramazan the speakers start at 5.00 am with the message 'prayers of god wake up this is time for the pray' Children and families who live close by the mosque are getting psychological problems.

Postal Services

Postal services are not satisfactory and people do not rely on post. Intended letters for Iranians living abroad are reaching them head opened. The price for delivering the packages for foreign destination has been increased multiple times. The possibility of delivering books, magazines or newspapers to foreign countries does not exist and in some cities the officials have said that there is a ban on this services until the next notice. Every authority is playing his rule and the country is in state of chaos. Personal relations have substituted the law.

City Sewage

The sewage in low level cities is not functioning well and with the little bit of rain the water remains in the streets and causes commuting problems for ordinary people.

Travel to Iran and Embassies Authorities

The embassy officials in foreign countries, who have to serve the Iranians, are there only and only to create problems, throw stones in their path and to collect information about oppositions. They try to stamp special numbers to passports and using that create a lot of problems for Iranian travelers who have been away for a while. Referred documents to the embassy are returned uncompleted on purpose. The passport should contain a green stamp of Repetitive Exit so that a person could get out without problem. Most of the travelers are entering the country without any clue and are tormented by authorities. For example there was a woman in the airport who has been living for a long while in Australia and was married to an Australian man. She was insulted and was told ' where were you? Have you been a dancer! ? ' Their first question was that 'why did you seek refuge? What passport did you use to travel? Why did you stay that long in abroad? What is your job? Why you don't com! ! e back to the country? ' Or some of the inspectors in the air port take away your passport and without any explanation let you wonder for a while. Many other passengers who had the second passport, their passport was taken away and in some cases was released only after a ransom of 1500$ was paid. Little by little travelers have noticed that they should not show any second passport to the officials. Those who have borne in cities other than capital or if they have left the country legally and have been away more than five year, have to be fully interrogated by presidency officials and the traveler has to run after his or her affair. In the other hand it is possible that they direct the file to another city and the person has to run after his file to the different city. It had happened several times that in the destination city, officials have told a person that your file has not arrived yet and they refer him to the capital and the same thing so forth and back and the person will be played with as with a ball in between different offices and cities and nobody takes the blame. Many travelers kept waiting for almost one year before they could manage to leave the country and many people's ticket was cancelled because of this.

Iranian travelers living abroad have learned that when they get a passport to travel, their passport should contain a green stamp of Repetition Exit and should be approved by the authorities. Without the approval from embassy official one can not travel to Iran without a hassle. Travelers who were university students fell behind in their education. If Iranians residing in foreign countries had a bad travel experience to Iran, are not trying to share their experience with others. Security officials and passport office use a foreign passport as a means of bribery. Bribery price is already determined, between 1000 to 1500 $ US. Embassy officials mostly would like to know why a person has left the country. To find out, they use special questionnaire. Other questions such as 'what they do and whom they know in a foreign country' They also ask them for references, the reference address, and former occupation before they left the country and the travelers address and telephone number in the foreign country. All the information will be saved in computer memories.

International and Local Airport

The first problem for a passenger is that all the security officers are alarmed that women and men should be entered from different entrances. Even the busses have been parted for men and women. Women situations in general and in sports and the fact that they can not attend the sport stadium are well known to everybody.

>From Tehran to Other Cities

When I wanted to travel from Tehran to another city after 15 minutes past the flight time, they announced that until second notice there will be a delay. After ten minutes they change their word and announce that passengers should go to certain gate for handing their luggage. When we get on board, they did not apologize for the delay. Instead they said women should preserve their Islamic dress code. Before the takeoff captain prayed for leaders long life. In the airplane they distributed conservative's Islamic Republic newspaper only. They gave one to each passenger. After a while they said that the airplane should be washed. They turn off all the lights and the engine. Foams poured down from the windows and they washed the airplanes outside. I who was not familiar with such instances in Europe was praying to reach the destination in complete health! News of not having spare parts, airplane crash and emergency landing was increasing my anxiety, especially in the airport. There was a sign which was reading 'for your and others safety don't carry extra luggage' The sign in itself adds to every passenger's anxiety.

Returning from city to Tehran

When I wanted to travel to Tehran from another city, in the airport the inspector women was not able to make it to work on time. Meanwhile all women were kept in small room and they didn't have permission to leave. Security officials told them that they have to wait for a women inspector. At the same time the airport speaker announced that the airplane is ready to takeoff and all the passengers should get on board as soon as they can. From the other hand my mother and sister were in that room and they were not able to say farewell to me. After a delay of more than 30 minute the mentioned women (inspector) while she had her child in her arms, entered the airport. Her problem was transportation and lack of daycare. Although these problems may seem very little but collection of these bits is shaping the society's culture, a culture that the current regime has created. Regime is very active in the propaganda for separation of man and woman. >From sociology stand point all these bits of repetitive daily problems are determinatory and not the big problems that happens once in a while. These bits of repetitive problems are important that makeup the culture of a society. Street names are named after war martyrs. The martyrs' pictures are placed along boulevards. There is smell of war and blood everywhere. On the way from Ahwaz to Abadan, wreckage of tanks with written war mottoes on them is ornament along the road. Every traveler has to read the writings. The entire path smelled of war and blood. There is no news of happiness in the people's face. People don't have any time other than managing their lives. Employees life has been expressed, God forbids others who don't have a job or are impaired.

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