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Sponsoring a Child in Iran
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Ba Salam:

I'm very much interested in sponsering a child in Iran and I'm looking for foundations through which I can do this. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I know of a program that my friend's brother in Iran is involved in. I don't know too much details yet, but my husband and I are planning on joining it when my husband goes to Iran this summer. We were hoping to sponsor several families who can't afford to have three basic meals a day.

Based on what I know, this program allows people to sponsor a child or a family in Iran. I believe it costs $60.00 a year per child or family to do this. Their intension is to reach as many desperate people as possible, hence not giving too much money to each family. You are able to meet these chldren or families when you go to Iran and have a personal relationship with them. The program I know about is located in Kerman, but I am sure there are other programs around the country and perhaps these people can help us find them.

If you are interested, email me and I'll provide you with more information. When I get the complete details, I'll send an email to all you good people and perhaps we can start our own little sponsorship and make a difference with as little as $60.00 a year.

You know, I have recently joined this group and until now I didn't realize the power of such communication. I am always searching for little causes and get frustrated when I can't find others who share the concern. madar-pedar group gives us the tool to reach so many with similar concerns in a most efficient way :)

Thank you all,

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Madar#2 khanoom:

Ba salam. I thank you very much for responding to my inquiry. Please do send me the information as I'd like to know more about the program. And you're right, I think there's no reason why we can't get our own sponsorship program going if all else fails. I strongly believe there are a lot of good hearted people out there who share the concern ,but perhaps are just too busy to take the initiative. But they will proudly join in the efforts and carry out their humanitarian responsibilities.

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ba salam, During my recent visit to IRAN (march), I met several (NGO)associations acting in different fields to help the poor children or their families. I know that madar-pedar is preparing a web site to centralize these helps. I'll be glad of giving more details to help any particular project of this kind.

Please feel free to contact me.
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There's an organization called Bonyaade Koodak that is involved in what you are looking for. I'm not sure if it's the same one as the one Azadeh has mentioned.

The organization is based in Oregon. I don't have first hand knowledge of the organization but I can get you information if you want.

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Dear Sean: I will be going to Iran soon. During my last trip I looked up some of the non-profit organizations that are involved in doing a lot of good work in Iran. Actually after not being there for over 21 years, the one thing that impressed me is the increased amount of private charitable organizations that are active in Iran and the number of people that are involved in volunteering work. A very fine organization active both in Iran and having a presence in Southern California, is Bonyaade Kahrizak. Although they are not involved with children, they are doing a tremendous amount of good charitable work in Iran. I will be looking for opportunities for providing scholarships to students, since that's an area that I'm presently involved in. However, I will gladly check into organizations that sponser children.

Please let me know if there are any specifics you may want to know. I'll be glad to bring you first hand information.


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Ba Salam,

I know of some people doing the same thing in Mashed. They try to provide food, shelter, and basic of life for orphans in Khorassan and help poor with housing and other necessity of lives. I personally know these group of women and I know for sure that they don't take any benefit for themselves and do this for humanity and helping others. Their program is based on donation they receive from others. If any one is interested to help any children in Mashed I am living soon to Iran I will be glad to take your donation with me and give it to the. Just send me an email for further information.

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salaam Doustan,

I am glad to announce DAAYEH, a non-profit organization assisting children in Iran. DAAYEH is founded by some of the madar-pedar members, including myself, and is a registered 501c3 charity in the US.

I invite you to please check out our web site:


You will find info about the organization and about us as individuals.

We are counting on you madars, mothers, pedars, and fathers to be a bridge between DAAYEH and people. We would like Daayeh to be known in the US, Europe and Iran as an organization that assists the needy children in Iran.

Furthermore, we need your support! DAAYEH is a madar-pedar "baby" and is now taking its first steps... support this "baby" to support the children in Iran.

Our goal is making a positive difference in children's daily life and hope that our helping hand will get them closer to a better future. We can accomplish this by providing educational materials, food, medicine, and clothing.

We will gladly cooperate with other non-profit organizations and volunteers who are also working for the same cause.

I will be happy to answer your questions about DAAYEH and how you can help, sponsor a child, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you,


p.s. Daayeh in Farsi means a woman who takes care of children.

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Hello everyone,

This is a continuation of our previous deiscussion about sposoring a child in Iran. I had promised to do some research and send more information to those who are interested in lending a helping hand to less fortunate in Iran.

The agency that is responsible for this is a government agency called "Bonyade Emam". There is a branch of this agency in every major city in Iran. The particular section of the agency that deals with helping the needy families, is called "Tarhe Ekram".

From what I understand, this agency gives the qualified families complete health insurance and allows others to help with their daily expenses. Once one decides to help and contacts the agency in the city of their choice, the agency provides them with some prospective families or children. The agency does allow one to visit these families and have personal contact with them. This is nice because then we know that our money is going were we want. I believe the agency only allows $100.00 per family per year which is not a comfortable existance, but at least provides food and shelter. I believe the idea behind it is that they wish to reach as many families as possible.

I have a friend in Kerman who is involved with the agency in that city. If anyone does not want to deal with the hastle of finding the agency in another city but is interested in helping, I can help with that transition somewhat.

May you all have a prosperous and happy life:)

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Hi everybody,

I just received this e-mail from Madar#9. Thank you for your research and I will pass it on to my other friends. I have an another information for you and rest of the people who are interested to help a child in Iran. I am sponsoring a child in Iran through an organization in California which helps handicapped children in Iran. It calls YAZD foundation and their mission is to help and assist those helpless handicapped children in Iran. They all are volunteers with big hearts. If there is anyone who is interested to get more information about them, please send me an e-mail and I'll be more than happy to provide you with more details.

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Dear Friends,


One of the parents named Bonyadeh Koodak or Child Foundation for this purpose. I know the founder and I am involved with this organization.

I was introduced to this organization 6 years ago. The founder is a very reputable and responsible person who is a scientist engineer and work in Oregon. We both went to the same university in Seattle. He always wanted to be of some help for Iranians while residing in the US. He noticed that there are several organizations supporting children in other countries and none supporting children in Iran. Therefore he started Child Foundation. Since both him and his wife are highly educated they did not beleive in an organization with hand out money, especially since the need is endless. Therefore they decided to adopt children who would continue a high educational standards and they are either orphan or very poor. They have helpers in Iran that review the living conditions of each sponsored child for eligibility.

The program has been very successful and has supported many gifted Iranian children through highschool, which otherwise could not get by in life.

I am an aerospace engineer, 6 years ago I was on an assignmentin in Indonesia working for a US company. On one of my home visits, I met with my friend and he asked if I could help expand his inovating program to the children in Indonesia. Well, I jumped at the oppurtunity and now I manage the Child Foundation for Indonesia. The program is also very succesful in Indonesia. The main reason is it has an educational focus in providing financial assistance. Our philosophy is if we can gaurantee education for children, hopefully through university, we can then gaurantee their future as independent adults.

You should be able to get more information through our web site at, "childfoundation.org" .

If you need any additional information do not hesitate to contact myself directly at the following address:

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Baa Salam

Thank you for helping our children "Changing the World one Child at a Time"

God bless you

Please send your replies and/or opinions regarding this subject to madar-pedar@surya.eecs.berkeley.edu.

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