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Norooz Folk Songs ( a pedar)

1 (a pedar)
does anyone know a song we can sing for our 4 and 5 years old ones? beside the " hajee phiroozeh sali yek roozeh...."
we tell our kids that month of march is the time we celebrate Charshanbeh Soori, Eid-eh norouz and Sizdeh-Bedar and all, they get excited and sing "Jingo Bell Jingo Bell... and immediately followed by - We wish you a ..."
2 (a madar)
That's so funny!
If the kids are so attached to the tune of Jingle Bells, why not make up some Farsi words to go with the tune. Something like: Norooz-eh, Norooz-eh, Emrooz Norooz-eh. (Sing this instead of Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way). Let's see if someone else can come up with the next line...
We will Iranianize this country if it's the last thing we do! (just a joke, guys).
3 (a madar)
I know a song for Seezdeh bedar (below), but I also would like to learn of folk songs for Norooz. the 2nd half of this seezdeh bedar song is for dam-e bakht girls, not children. so, please help with Persian folk songs for children!!
seezdeh be dar
chahrdeh be too

saal-e deeghe

bache baghal
khaaneh-ye showhar
4 (a madar)
Here it is from one of our creative parents a song bar-vazne jingle bells...
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Norooz-eh, Norooz-eh, Eide Norooz-eh

Toyeh khiaboona Haji Firozeh

Dast bezan, dast bezan o shadi bekon,

Lebashay no va tamis bebar kon

Maman o babaro to zodi bebos

Az ona yek eidi zoodi talab kon

Norooz-eh, Norooz-eh, Eide Norooz-eh

Toyeh khiaboona Haji Firozeh

Amoo Norooz miad eidi miareh

baraye to va dosthaye dige

Be Golha nega kon, Fasle bahareh

To sabze bazi kon, keh shadi dareh

Didane familha boro keh Eideh

Eidi ra begiro bede yek boseh

5 (a madar)
This was very original! I really love it. Thanks to you or whoever wrote the words to this song.
6 (a pedar)
sher-e loos-e khonak, Anham bar vazn-e jingle :)
I am happy I am not in your position to call it creative :)
7 (a pedar)
this is really great, I love it dont forget to say "Hayy ...." right before the second encore.
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