Raising social conscience

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salaam doustan,

(I think a pedar brought up this issue in one of our gatherings, but it was not continued. )
The issue is that we know that our children our priviledged in terms of having caring parents, a descent place to live, good schools, and many toys, etc. but our chidlren don't!!! the problem has two sides into it: 1)Our children don't appreciate what they have and don't take full advantage of the opportunities. 2) they don't develope a strong sense of social responsibility (which is very important for individual success, too.)
Would they appreciate their priviledges if they saw poverty?
In Iran, we had relatives in a spectrum of social status: from poor to rich. I find this society very "layer"ed, i.e., you only see people from your social class, and not people who are socailly very different from you. how do we increase their awareness about different social classes?
I decided to start by doing what some Americans do: take my children shopping and have them buy gifts for poor children and wrap them and donate them. but my mate thinks it will not work, since they will not see real people when they donate to an institution.


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