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Moving Chahrshanbeh Souri to weekend (Shanbeh Souri?)

1 (a madar)
I like to open up a discussion: I think the Iranian Society in San Diego had their Charshanbeh Soori on Saturday and called it Shanbeh Soori. I really liked the idea and thought it would have been great if we at Northern California had something like this for next year. Do any of you know why we have Charshanbeh Soori on last Tuesday night of the year and still call it Charshanbeh. What is wrong with having it on last Saturday of the month and call it Shanbeh Soori? I just think it is so hard for school age kids to go to Charshnbeh Soori in the middle of the week and go back to school the next day. After all we do observe Sizdeh bedar, why not Charshanbeh Soori?
2 (a madar)
Sorry I am against " Moving Chahrshanbeh Souri to weekend". There is nothing wrong for the kids to miss 1/2 day or even whole day of school to celebrate their holiday. What is next move Norouz to 3:00 pm third Saturday of the March? Fortunately schools are very accommodating in these matters.
3 (a madar)
I agree with madar #2.
4 (a madar)
And I agree with both of you! (#2 and #3)
5 (a madar)
How could we possibly hold the "The Eve of Red Wednesday" on a Friday or Saturday night? Shanbeh Souri? Yekshanbeh Souri? Kind of silly.
6 (a mother)
I have to say that I really enjoy this holiday. We live near LAX and head for the beach every year - bringing a big pot of ashe-reshteh, chai and other goodies, our beach chairs, wood and loads of friends. The kids enjoy the evening a lot even though we end up smelling like smoke for days and enough sand comes home to fill a sandbox.

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