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Shab-e Yalda
1 (a mother)

Hello friends -

Our local persian school is celebrating Shabe Yalda at a nearby Persian restaurant December 3rd - I've been asked to solicit ideas on how we can celebrate, entertain, and educate about this particular "holiday". There will be 100 people at the restaurant that evening. Has anyone done something that's particularly interesting/memorable/fun? What do the children enjoy? Are there special stories that can be read? Special poems that the children can read/recite? Any good web sites to help me out? (You can't tell I'm desparate can you?)

Any suggestions on how to turn a restaurant into a cozy Shabe Yalda experience (that's not the same old same old evening w/persian food, music and dancing - many people do that frequently - we want something different though).

Thanks in advance - your friend

2 (a madar)

As far as what to do. Do the same things that you did when you were a kid. a lots of good food, sweets, fruits like watermelons, pomegranates, grapes, and etc.

a lots of dancing and talking to family and friends and maybe a story or two from a grandmother like sarma peer-e-zan (cold old woman) who if get mad she will break her pearl necklace and then it will hail. and if you can try to avoid drinking just to show the kids that there is no need to drink to have a good time.

but one think I didn't understand is why celebrating yalda on December 3rd? Last time I checked yalda was December 21st the longest night of the year. I know is not Tuesday but so what. Can it worth taking a day off work? It so close to Christmas holiday that most of schools are closed even if not you can take the kids out for a day.

I don't know I have problem with celebrating holidays base on how it fit our busy life. Don't get my wrong we have a busy life my husband and I both have regular jobs and a few volunteer jobs. But I make sure we do celebrate all Persian holidays on time. It happen one year it was so cold that we did not have a party for Chahar-Shanbeh Soori we just got bunch of news papers and stuffed in a paper bag and set it on fire and jump over it.

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