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Jashn-e Sadeh or the Feast of Sadeh
1 (a madar)

I was browsing thru' the net looking for Jashan Sadeh or the Feast of Sadeh. I came across the Traditional Iranian celebrations and found it very interesting. Unfortunately, I did not find any write-up on Jashan Sadeh, its significance and how it is celebrated in Iran. Will appreciate if you could please let me have it in detail at your earliest.

I will give you a brief account and perhaps it will help you in understanding what I want. Jashane Sadeh is a celebration of the discovery of fire for Zoroastrians. It is also the festival of the 100th day. In ancient Iran is used to be celebrated on Roj Adar Mah Dae but now it is celebrated on Roj Ava Mah Bahman. It is a thanksgiving Jashan and was started by King Hoshang. It is stated that during while trying to kill a serpent with a stone, hit another stone and thus fire was produced as a result of friction between the two stones.

What I am interested in knowing is what is the significance of Jashane Sadeh and how is it celebrated, when and what time of the day it is celebrated, and what exactly do they do in this ceremony. Is it celebrated by all Iranis or it is only celebrated by Zoroastrians in Iran. Could you also please highlight any other points if you have on this Jashane Sadeh.

Hoping to hear from you soon.


2 (a pedar)

Jashne sadeh is celebrated in KERMAN and YAZD every year at january 30th (10th of bahman, the first day of cheleh bozorg) by the zoroastrians.

The groupe of religious (Mo'badan) gather in the temple of fire (atashkadeh), they enflame the torches and walk out of the city where a huge hill of dry branches of tree has been made.

The major part of the city is gathered to watch this beautiful millenaire ceremony.

After singing the songs from AVESTA (the holy book), The major religious (bozorgé moébadan) enflames the hill with his torch, and thenafter everybody turns around the fire and sings sorkhié to az man, zardie man az to, take my yellow (color of pain, weakness) and give me yr red (color of health and happiness).

Well, I hope I had not made any mistake about the details as the last time I saw that was about 17 years ago.

3 (Soheila)

You can read more about it at Shab-e Yalda or Chelleh, Jashn-e Sadeh, and Origin of Xmas

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