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Searching for Roots
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Hello, My name is Bijan. My father is Iranian, and my mother is America. I have very little to no relationship with my father. I never had much of any exposure to my fathers culture. I have always wondered what my name means. Is there any way you could shed any light on the matter? It would mean the world to me. I am living in Port Angeles Wa. I plan on traveling abroad soon and would like to consider going to Iran, but I have no idea how that might be possible. My father was a courier for the Shaw, and a Bah-i. He fled the country in the mid 70's I just don't know how or even If I would be welcome . If you know of how I might find out some of these answers, it would fill in several pieces in my life.

Thank you for you time. Bijan

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There are too many of these emails--- Maybe there should be an organization / support group for children who have lost touch with their heritage to help them deal with identity issues. It's just too sad!

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Hi Bijan,

I do not recall what your name means however there's this magnificent love story in one of Persia's/Iran/s most valued and revered books called "Ferdosi's Shahnameh" in which this love story is told by the great Ferdosi (this story and this entire book is written in classical Persian Poetry of exceptional quality). The name to this story is "Bijan and Manijeh". On the meaning to your name I'll look into and will try to find out, I'll get back to you via Madar-Pedar in a future date.

On your Persian culture and heritage, there's many resources which can be of help. As you know, due to politics we have been presented negatively for the past couple of decades, which is no problem, Iranian people (outside of governments and politics) have endured much worse times and have been able to always come through.

There are some good websites which present Persia/Iran in a general and simplified form. Let me know if you're interested and I shall provide the names here.

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Hi Bijan,

As I promised, I went and looked into the name Bijan last night and did some digging in Persian words of different periods and times.

Bijan comes from "Bi-je".

Bije and Vije being the same, mean: exceptional. (pronounced: Bee-zheh and Vee-zheh). In Modern Persian used today, the word "vije" is used and known.

The male name "Bijan" means: an exceptional one, a very special person (in a positive manner).

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