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1 (a father)
Salaam. My wife is Iranian-born but I am American of Irish decent. We have one infant-child (Kian), and my Iranian mother-in-law is staying with us for a while. We live in Manhattan and I have a strong interest in learning to speak Farsi better. If you know of any places in Manhattan or Queens that give lessons to adults, please let me know. Merci!
2 (a mother)
Father #1, Welcome to Madar Pedar, and I must say, you have absolutely the most wonderful Farsi resource right where you live. Your mother-in-law.
I spent a winter in Iran, tucked under a corsee on the opposite side of my 80+ year old mother-in-law.
She prayed, entertained, talked on the phone, or simply did hand signals with me at first, and I was all eyes and ears. Within 6 months, I could pretty much understand the gist of most conversations.
Children were a wonderful link as well. I was fortunate enough to be honored with mothering two absolutely beautiful 100% Iranian toddlers, and from day one, we traded gestures for words until each of us mastered enough of the other's language to express our love in more ways than one.
As your child grows, and your mother-in-law interracts with him, simply absorb.
Farsi is a beautiful language and Iranians are one of the most gregarious, kind and beautiful people I have been privileged to live among.
We are indeed, among the fortunate. Wishing you and yours the best...
3 ( father # 1)
Thank you!! She IS a wonderful resource....She's only going to be with us for a few months, though...but you're right- I am starting to be able to get the 'gist ' of their conversations...
3 ( a father)
My wife is Iranian also. A good way to learn is to listen and practice with your mother-in-law. After time you will begin to understand.
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