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Caring About Politics in Iran

Ba salaam,


If you recall on May 15, 2000 I sent you an email concerning the situation with the press and journalists in Iran. I thought perhaps you would like to know the outcome of thisl campaign. Out of 280 emails I sent 2 responded with encouraging notes, 2 were wondering how they can help, 6 had concern with the system of distribution, 1 was angry and 4 asked their names to be removed off my list, [...]

2 ( a pedar )


I know it is not encouraging to see our countrymen don't care about what is going on in Iran. I think the situation has changed for many Iranians who immigrated from Iran to States in the last few years. We are now apart of this society especially our children, young adult and middle age adults (baby bummers), Most of us have now everything in here and nothing in Iran to go to. It may be a unfortunate fact But it is a fact. Its not that we don't really care what happens in Iran but not care enough to jeopardize our life here in the States.

We are not anymore just some foreign students to protest in the front of Iranian Embassies or the White house, but Mostly business people or educators who wants to be successful in mid stream America.

In my opinion we have to leave Iranian politics in the hands of our people in Iran, I thing the General public outside of Iran pretty much knows the political situation in Iran. However the way we can help them and achieve our goals in along term, if you know what I mean by those goals, Its to stake together her in the states. Make sure our kids are educated and make them interested in the American politics. Hopefully may be some day if we keep it up we may see an American president with Iranian dissent. And then at that time hopefully he will make sure there is a true democracy in his hometown Iran.

Ghorban Shoma

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