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Women's Networking Groups
1 (soheila)

We are our daughters' role models and the more we improve ourselves, the better parents we can be. So, I think it would be a good idea to have information about such groups for women so that interested madars or mothers could join. Please let me know about such groups or mailing lists in your area and the contact info. I will post the info on the web.

2 (a madar)

Dear Soheila

We are a women's group here in Washington DC area called "Yaran". We have monthly gatherings the first half an hour we tell each other about new books we read , a film we saw, a course we took , a trip we took etc. Then we talk about the subject of the month, then we share our achievements , goals disappointments and some times we simply listen to each others "dard o del"

We also have a women's networking group we try to learn about each others work and businesses and support each other in that way

bani adam azayeh ekdigarand
ke dar afarinesh zeh yek goharand

If anyone is interested to join us here they are more than welcome to e-mail me or call. (Please ask soheila for the contact info)

3 (a madar)

Hi, Please elaborate on this. I would like to know how this is done. Thanks,

4 (a pedar)

well in this context it is more appropriate to say

ab-nAtol havvA azayeh ekdigarand
ke dar afarinesh zeh yek goharand
5 (madar # 2)

We are in the washington DC area and most of us have our own businesses we gather every 2/3 months each person introduces herself and tells us about her business we have doctors, dentists, a travel agent, realtors , artists , interior designers, lawyers people working from home. Also there are those of us who have professional jobs but don't have their own businesses Sometimes we have young college women who just are not sure what they want to do , they like to talk to those already in the work market. We give each other business , we support and learn from each other I hope I have answered your questions

May God bless us all and our men who support us to be the best that we can be : )

Pedar # 4, It was good to see your comment

Movafagh o pirouz bashid

6 (a woman in Bay Area)

Zanaan group will be 4 years old this June (2000) with an uninterrupted monthly gatherings on different topics related to women. Depending on the topic and the interest level, number of attendees changes from 4 to over 30. We have an email alias (zanan) with the following guidelines:

Zanan is an alias for Iranian Women only. The goals for creating this alias are:

*To provide information & minutes of the monthly women's gatherings on the 3rd Sunday of each month in Bay area.

*To create networking among Iranian women for passing news, events information and discussions about the women's issues and to talk about our needs.

* This alias is not moderated. So, as a courtesy to all of us, please, respect the followings:

*Do not forward any mail, when the content might invade the originator's privacy.

*When forwarding news, information or any mail, remove the name & Email address of the sender.

*This alias may not be used for commercial or advertising purposes. ZAN web site at http://www.zan.org is available for information and news related postings about Iranian women, as well as essays, poems, and job openings.

Please send all administration requests (add or removal from zanan alias) to: Nazila.Tobaei@Sun.COM

Please send your replies and/or opinions regarding this subject to madar-pedar@surya.eecs.berkeley.edu.

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