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American Moms in Iran
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To the Mom ( mother # 4 in Discussion of Tele-Marraige and Arranged Marraige ) - WOW!

What a fantastic story and example of unlimited love all around. I love to hear these kinds of positive stories. It provides me with lessons of endurance, fortitude and brotherly love (especially in lessons of forgiveness). Even though you mention that you haven't yet written your experiences down - is it possible that you can share more of them with us through email. I'm sure that Soheila can post anonymously for your privacy. It might also be a way to get started with your "documenting" process. Your life is quite amazing and I'm hungry for MORE! PLEASE??? I'd also love to hear about every day life experiences from any & all American moms living in Iran right now. Comparisons of daily routines, hobbies, friends, religion, etc. (Are there any Iranian dads living in Iran? I'm assuming not, but I've been wrong before.)

PS - I have an American friend living in Iran right now. She and her husband married and moved to Iran and had 2 children there. After several years things didn't work out and she went through quite a bit to get a divorce - which she obtained in US (both US & Iranian through power of attorney). She returned to Iran however to mother her children. She's living as a single mom with the two boys who get to see their dad frequently. It's another interesting story that crosses over into the Iranian court processes. She now makes a living doing translation work. (Their father wouldn't give permission for them to leave Iran which is why she returned to Iran.)

Thank you for sharing & caring.

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