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Long Stay in Iran
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I am wondering if you have any information/experience about those who take their children to Iran for 6-12 months. Issues related to schools interest me in particular. I have two children 8 and 10 and am married to an American who speaks Persian. My children also have a limited knowledge of Persian.


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I've heard of special schools (tatbighi)at Tehran for the children coming from abroad. U may get more informations about that from Iranian general consulate worldwide.

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They have special schouls for kids going back to Iran They are called madreseh tatbighi or something like that

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you can send your kids to the international school there. It is very good. my little sister went to school there. All instruction is in English. Tatbighi is good if you want to stay in Iran forever and want your childen to learn Persian , until they can go to regular Persian school. hope this info was useful.

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