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Homeless Kids
1 ( a madar)

Hello everyone. In my recent travel to Iran I visited some organizations such as Ameneh, Haft Tir , Khatamol-Anbia center and other similar centers that take care of homeless kids.

The story is this:

1.Some kids don't have any family and when they are brought into these centers if they are healthy and under four, they are put for adoption.

2.If they are healthy but somehow they have a family which are not able to take care of them (prison, drug addiction or other reasons) they can not go for adoption so they stay in these centers with no emothional/financial support from their family.

3.There are also many kids that have physical handicap that no one adopts them and they also stay in these centers.

These are the problems they face:

In younger age specially they lack emotional support, and they love to have people visiting them. There are some who live in Iran that do partial adoption. It means they pick a child and visit them and pay for their needs but they cann't take them home.

Most of them at the age of 18 should become independent and they face lots of problems.

What can be done:

1. Since we don't live in Iran, we cann't setup visitations or monthly payment for their needs.

But we found that there are some insurance programs that can be bought for them and assign these kids as their beneficiary. If the kid dies the benefit goes to another homeless kid in that center.

2. For older ones that need a place to stay, there are new communities being build outside Tehran (Andisheh, Vavan,...) that aren't two expensive and if a group of us get to gether we can buy some of those units for these kids.

If you are interested please e-mail and I will give you more info.


2 ( a pedar)

There are some organizations here that provide care through their reps. in Iran. Omid and Boyad-e Koodak(Child Foundation) also Dayeh (newly born org. by help of our own Soheila and others) is underway similar activity. So please do not hesitate to try these organizations. My family and I, actually sponsoring a child through Boyad-e Koodak(Child Foundation). These orgs. accept whatever you're willing to take a monthly commitment.


3 ( a pedar)

I'd like more info please and I didn't quite understand the "Insurance policy" part of it. Who is the primary on the policy? I'd like to help anyway I can. Thanks.

4 ( madar#1)

I am glad to get such quick response. The primary will be you. I worked out a plan with the company that since we are not in Iran there won't be any physical exams.

There are two type of policies:

1. "Sarmayeh Farzandan"

There are three terms:

If you pay 113,000 Touman now after 15 years they will pay 1,000,000 touman to the beneficiary.

If you pay 230,000 Touman now after 10 years they will pay 1,000,000 to the beneficiary.

If you pay 495,000 Touman now after 5 years they will pay 1,000,000 to the beneficiary.

In this plan if this kid dies "Behsisty dept." assigns another homeless kid to this plan.

2. "Mostamery " Retirement plan

This also has three terms. But they will start paying a fixed annual amount to the beneficiary at the age of fourty until he or she dies.

If you pay about 500,000 touman now after 15 years they will pay 1,000,000 touman every year until the beneficiary dies.

This is what we did. We found these centers such as Ameneh, Haft Tir and others and asked the supervisors for a list of the kids with a copy of their Birth certificate, then for the younger kids upto age 10 we purchase "Sarmayeh Farzandan" and for older handicap adults we purchased "Mostamary".

If you need more info. you can call me at (415)435-8812 or e-mail. I have brought some forms with me and also thru Ameneh center I got introduced to the insurance Agent who takes care of all this and she will mail you the certificate. They will also keep one copy of the certificate in the child's file.


5 ( a madar)

this sounds most interesting. But at the same time, makes me feel very uncomfortable. Insurance industry in Iran is not like here, from the little I know and from the many stories I have heard, they take the premiums and do not pay when they are supposed to pay.

You know that in the states ins. companies are very strong and there are laws in place which are enforced. These laws protect the consumer from ins. companies going belly up and not paying or committing fraud and not paying and at the same time, there are strong laws protecting the ins. companies against people committing any ins. frauds. so in general insurance works here but in Iran it is still a new concept, other than life ins and labor related stuff, everything else is very new and I would feel very weary of getting involved in it. I would wait to see how this system pans out, weather it will actually be around in 2 to 3 years or not, if yes, and they actually pay any of their beneficiaries, then I would use them.

6 ( a madar)

I hate to be the bad guy and question a good cause, but what happens if these agencies go out of business say in 2 years. As we all may know there has been many organizations in Iran which would love to get the money specially from here, since the dollar is so high and then after 2-3 years they go out of business and no one can claim any thing. Is there any assurance or some kind of accountability for these organizations? The plan worries me since it is too good to be true. You pay almost $500 now and they pay more than double the money you put in 5 years. This is more than 20% return per year. It is hard to believe that in this bad economy in Iran an organization can afford doing this.

7 ( madar # 1)

That was my concern too. But these agencies are not private and they are government agencies. So I don't think that they can go out of business. The one I worked with is DANA.

8 ( a madar )

Government agencies in Iran !?

I think I would Have more trust in any other agencies.

I think I will stop commenting right here

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