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French Mom Interested to Meet Iranian Moms
1 ( a French mother )


I am french and new in Berkeley with a 3 month old baby girl. I was looking for some group of mothers and knowing a bit of iranese culture, I feel I am definitely closer to iranese than to american. If there is reunion of mothers in which I can take part, I would be glad to join. But I cannot speak farsi, helas.

Can you let me know if this is what I am looking for ?


2 ( listkeeper)


This is very interesting. We have not had a gathering for a while, but now that there is a Persian Center in Berkeley (across from the Barnes and Nobles parking lot in downtown Berkeley) we are thinking of starting our gatherings again.

I am curious about what you mean by the following. It is interesting to find the cultures so close, I appreciate it if you could elaborate on this.


3 ( mother # 1 )

I believe Iran and France have much more in common than USA and France. Concerning history, culture, way of living, uses and languages and, also, a special relationship. Besides, I, personnaly, always wanted to know more about iranese people. I used to work for some time in the UAE, in Dubai, and I had the chance to meet some of your people. Not long enough though..

I hope I am answering your question.

Best regards,

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