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Farsi For Childdren Living Outside Of Iran
1 (a father)

Ye Pedar Amrekai Goft,

Again, from a somewhat different perspective: I'm an American husband with an Iranian wife and two American-born children, now ages 12 and 16. We live in a somewhat out-of-the way small city with only a small Iranian community. Nevertheless, we are fortunate to have friends here with a deep and abiding love for Iran, its culture, and its language. Over the past 4 years, for one evening a week, these friends have been conducting Farsi classes (spoken and written) for our children and theirs, using the current texts produced by the Ministry of Education. They are now "graduated" from the second grade, which may not sound particularly impressive, but when we hear them speak, and read their compositions, there is no small measure of pride on our parts. One might wish that certain of their Iranian-born cousins here in the US and in Europe could do as well.

Apart from the issues of cultural awareness and sense of self, which are eloquently dealt with elsewhere on this site, for a child have an additional language - even and "exotic" one such as Farsi - cannot but be of help in his or her life, starting with college admissions and continuing into their working careers.

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