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Iranian elderly gatherings in Southern California?
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I just have a question and was hoping that you can send me at the right direction. I have a 72 years old mother who lives in Orange County, CA. She lives by herself and loneliness really bothers her (naturally). Would you happen to know any clubs/gathering places in Southern California that I can take her once or twice a month to meet and socialize with other Iranians at her age?


I happend to be in one of the very nice Iranian Senior gathering in Orange County,You can get in touch with Mr.Homayoun on this phone # <714-771-3351>

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I have been to a gathering in Orange County organized by an organization called 'Bonyan e Javanan e Deeroz va Emrooz', as far as I remember, they are a group of elderly and older middle aged Iranian people who get together and have fun programs and they do 'socialize'.

Their phone number in the L.A area is 310-289-5458, perhaps you can call them and get the number for the Orange County Group.

Of Course you can post it on the net. Please make sure it is the right number. I got the number by calling the Iranian Information 818-908-0808 yesterday and I remember that the Orange County Chapter for Elderly is called Neda (Nasle-e Deeroz-e Iran).

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I got some more info over the weekend and am forwarding it to you. First, here is the web site for the Neda group,

"http://www.IranOnline.com/neda/index.html". As I said before they get together every Thursdays from 12:30 PM till 4:30 PM. At the Third Thursday of each month they have a special program from 6-9 PM. I am assuming that this program is in addition to their regular Thursday meetings. I visited the center in Irvine, which is called Lake view Senior Center. Their number is 949-724-6900. The Neda group is organized and managed by Mrs. Alavi (949-856-2862). Please note that the center is there to provide a place for elderly from every community and culture to get together. When I visited the center on Saturday, a Chinese program was in progress. One last piece of info is that The center puts out a monthly news bulletin about their activities which can be subscribed to for $7.00 per year. Thanks a gain for your help and good luck.

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I'd suggest that you perhaps contact NIPOC (network or Iranian professionals of Orange County) and ask the question. It might be something that they would be interested in starting since they are highly involved in organizing cultural/society activities.

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