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Children and Divorce
1 (a madar)

I have two kids, a son who is a sophomore at Berkely, and a daughter is 12 years old. My daughter is becoming a strong headed person. Just like me and so she can not fool me. Also, I am divorced and she is going through a transition with my new relationship, which is a very respectable and everything is known about it. My parents have been a great support for us, but her father, is not taking the divorce very well. He is going through many different short lived relationships, and is hard for him to keep them to himself until it is more serious. In short she does not have a good paternal role model, at the moment. My dad and my son, her brother, are doing the best they can. But they are not her real father. I am promoting him as much as I can. But I can not help but to worry about the out come.

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