Our Gathering Discussions

Gathering report:(by a father)
I was asked to write the minutes of the meeting , which I relectantly accepted because I was given no choice : -)
Like always the first thing that got talked about was where and when the next gathering would take place. A theme was proposed and the february was declared as getting ready for eid nourooze month and we thought it would be fun if we can have a egg coloring activity for kids because it coincides with easter. The event still needs to be planned and volunteers are sought. I cant remeber who volunteered.....
Along with that it was easy to guess that the march gathering should have nourooze as a theme. Two activties were suggested. The first one "jashn" or a party at a some kid friendly place, with food music and dancing. But this can only happen if enough people sign up early on for this to meet the minimum requirement for getting a place. A pedar has already sent out the email describing that.
The second theme was to revive "eid-deedanee" concept. The condition was to have at your home a "sufray haft-seen" and then others would go and visit each others. This is probably only practical with folks who live close to each other but since one can only visit so many places in a day. The idea is to introduce kids to the ritual of visiting over eid.
Soheila also reminded that if people have snap shots of their kids with sufray haftseen or other cultural conotations, she would like to get them to put on the web site.
After all these exciting activity suggestions folks started talking about more serious stuff.
The first topic under discussion was selection of schools for kids at kindergarten or lower grades between public and private. Also among private schools which system is more appropriate.
The systems were broadly categerized into free form instruction, where the sense of education is much broader in scope, lack of grades or competitive and the more structured competitive, academic and discipline oriented , which most of reminicscend?? is what they grew up with.
There were as many opinions as there were people , but it seems that if one has a choice , its best to match the personality of the child with type of school system.
Folks are invited to express their experiences or opinions regarding this.
The next topic that emerged next was something that was not really on agenda but it turns out almost everybody had something to say. It started out as a comment about childern's training , education and overall responsibilty being mostly with mother and typically father's low key role. That is regardless of whether mothers have a day-time job they still end up doing the "woman's" duties.
It rapidly evolved into a fairly contested discussion and covered everything under the sun, including house chores and role men are suppose to play in the "terbiat" or training of childern. This discussion was clearly divided along the gender lines and its hard to say if any real conclusion was drawn at the end. Its even more difficult to summarize in words the different angles and shades this talk took. All I can say is that you had to be there to get the jist of the discussion.




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