Our Gathering Discussions

Gathering report:(by a madar)
Our discussion was as following:
How to have the kids speak Farsi and why is it so important for all the parents to have their kids speak the language. It seems like the most concern most of the parents have is the languange. Reza brought up a good point of why is it so important? besides being able to talk to their grand parents. Do we have more important issues in raising our children or this is the most important isuues of all?
We also discussed about peer pressure and where to stop our children. Where and when do we say no to their unreasonable (in Parents opinion) request. Do we stop them when they get 10 barbies or when they want to put make up on or when they have millions of posters of Leonardo DeCapprio on their walls. If we don't start early would this be the beggining of peer pressure and one lead to another and it will get out of hand by the time they are teenagers and it would be too late to stop them.
1 (a madar)
About peer pressure some years ago my sister in law was having problem with his son about what he wanted to wear @ school(because everyone else was wearing it & it was cool)My husband told our nephew Do you want to be a leader or a follower as I was listening I thought the child has no clue what he is talking about!but to my amazement it actually worked.
Khodaa Negahdaaretan
2 (a pedar)
Ba salam!
man fekr mikonam aamokhtane zbane madari dar roshde shaskssiate fard taasire be sazaei darad.

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