Our Gathering Discussions

Gathering report:(by a pedar)
The following is a summary of the issues that were discussed in the gathering:
- we need to have a special sign and logo for our Yalda.
- the idea of buying gifts for teachers for the Chrismas and Nowrooz was also brought up. it is a good thing that our children practice for Nowrooz since that would make them feel special about the Iranian new year. also a discussion took place in regards to the importance of Chrismas celebration versus Nowrooz, and which one we should advocate. it was a common feeling among the parents that we should encourage our children to celebrate Nowrooz in a very special way, since we like to expose them to good Iranian culture and its values, and part of their own entity. Nowrooz was further viewed as a path through which our culture can be introduced and known; things like making peace with everyone even the ones that we did not like or hated, and celebration of the true new year with the beginning of Spring and re-wakening of the mother earth and ...
- the emphasis once again was put on the fact that we ought not to force our own believes and culture on our children. we unlike our children have had a different exposure and experience as far as Nowrooz and the pertaining celebration is concerned. we have to make peace withing ourselves and accept the reality of the new environment without having to feel lost or zelous over Iranian culture. just take the good part of everything and maintain our identity.

1 (a madar)
He failed to mention that "anAr" (pomegranate) was suggested as the symbol of Yalda because it is a middle-eastern fruit that is not very well know by Americans, and is usually present on shabe-yalda. Please comment, and use your creativity to make a symbol by next Yalda. thanks.



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