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Persian Dance Music
1 (a mother)

Can you help? My husband (Persian) and I (American) just attended a fun Persian party this past weekend and, of course, in keeping with the "Persian way", I must reciprocate, and host my own party. I am pretty comfortable with cooking Persian food and, of course, plan on having TONS of food. But my dilemma is in the entertainment area. I have limited Persian dance music. Does anyone have a good recommendation as to where to buy GOOD Persian Dancing Music CDs on the internet? Any title recommendations? Thanks!

2 (a madar)

Hi Mother # 1,

There are several places on internet that you can purchase Persian music. one is persian media, the otherone is abadan.com, tapesh.com. I never purchased any music through website but these are some sites that I know you can purchase music from them. About type of music: Morteza and Moein and Omid have new album out and I have thier latest music which all of them are wonderful. Moein's latest album called Moama and Omid's called Sarboland, and finally Morteza's called the Millennium Beat. Good luck with your party.

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