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A cute story of Iranian/American Families
1 (a mother)
I took five of my children to the park a week ago and as I sat and read, they played and we made eye contact and exchanged "Alrights!", "Good jobs" and "Hellos". Every now and then one would come for a snack and bring some for the rest as well.
After awhile, an Iranian mother came and sat by me and asked me, "Are you Iranian? You don't look Iranian."
I answered, "No, I am not Iranian."...and smiled. (I was in the middle of a reading deadline, and was trying to be polite yet continue.)
Again, she asked, "Are you sure you're not Iranian?"
"Yes, I'm sure, I'm not Iranian. Why do you ask?" She said..."Well, your children are Iranian, so you MUST be Iranian."
Out of curiousity, I asked, "Why do you think they are Iranian?"
She answered, "Because before they eat anything, they offer everyone else at the playground something first."
I said, "Maybe they just are in the mood of sharing."
She said, "yes, that could be, but Gaz and Pisteh?" We both looked at each other and laughed and laughed.
Life is sometimes so very simple and so very, very good. Just thought I'd share.
2 (a mother)
This is a great story. And when I read the lines "because before they eat anything, they offer everyone else at the playground something first" reminded me of a personal experience. The first times I saw that, a few years ago, while attending a "bazaar che", I saw my husband and everyone else that came and sat at the food court did it. I thought that they do it only between themselves, but one day, my husband had got up to buy some food and I was alone with our first baby, a gentleman that sat next to our table, offer me from his food, and the same from a lady behind the baby. When my husband returned, I asked him why is are these people that I don't even know sharing his food with me and he replied that that's how Iranians are. Now, when I am in the lunch room and offer some of my lunch or fruit to my colleagues, they look at me very puzzle, same as when I was that first time it happened to me. This action and other little details that Iranians have, make them special to my eyes, since I think those are kind gestures to teach our our children are definately very well worth. I, myself, have learned a lot too.
Thank you for sharing her story. God bless all and each of you and your families,
2 (a madar)
Dear mother (#2 above), Thank you for saying that Iranians are special & kind And that you have learned a lot from us. I Think Americans are also very kind. We do share our food with people we don't know but in major disasters where we might hesitate ( Thinking that the money won' t go where it should), Americans send their helps without a second thought. That is something I have learned from you . Thank you both (mothers #1 and #2). Everyday we learn something new from each other.
Have a Magical one
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