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Bicultural Families - article Christian Science Monitor
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Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 01:54:38 EDT

Hello All,

Last week, Soheila forwarded us a name & telephone number of a journalist for the Christian Science Monitor who was doing an article on Bicultural Families. I spoke with her and gave some of my perspective on the questions she was asking. Apparently no one else contacted her which is too bad because it would have been a great opportunity - she was very interested in some of the issues that came up on the madar-pedar discussion string. Her article does not focus on one ethnic group, but rather ways that immigrant families assimilate now and issues encountered (where both parents are from a different country and immigrate to US - and how issues may be different for this generation than they were for one or two generations ago). She was specifically interested in the discussion strings in madar-pedar about whether to allow sleep-overs, high school prom, etc.

Anyways, the Christian Science Monitor is a world reknowned newspaper and frequently publishes interesting articles about Iran. The article she's writing will be published Aug 9th. (I don't think that you can read the article on their web site except for a hi-light - but you can purchase single copies at Christian Science Reading Rooms around the country).

So, here's hoping for more opportunities and participation for sharing issues discussed here in a more open forum like a newspaper or magazine. I think it's a positive thing to share and learn more about ethnic issues, assimilation concerns, etc.

Cheers -

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