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Madar-Pedar and Copy Right Issuestopic
1 ( a web visitor)


The poem you were discussing on your website (under the topic To My Child .../" ) Just for this day, was written by myself, I would like to know where you got my poem, and why you are displaying it without permission,


Sally Meyer

2 ( a madar - the one who posted the poem)


I got this poem from a cowoker who sent it to the childcare alias at my work. The poem came to me as I sent it to madar-pedar@surya.eecs.berkeley.edu. There was no way for me to know who the poet is to get permission.

Hope there is no hard feelings left for you.

3 ( soheila )

Dear Sally Meyer,

The poem found its way to our web site through Internet which as you know is not well guarded with regards to copy rights, etc.

I will be happy to include your name and acknowledge your work by adding the title of the original publication if you could kindly provide it. Alternatively, I could take it off if you wish. Please let me know either way.



4 ( Sally Meyer)

Hello Soheila,

Here is the poem in its original form, with my copyright information, you are free to use it, or delete it, whichever you would like,



5 ( a pedar)

Ms. Meyer has brought up a very good point. I had thought about making a comment in this regard, but withheld my comment for the fear of the retaliation from those who may think this is "knitt-picking" :-)

I think it's not only important (and required by copyright law) to include the name of the author, but also as important is to state the date when something was written.

We get a lot of forwarded articles and other stuff here. Helpful stuff. I'm not complaining. But it is best to include the name of the author and if possible their background and the date when it was published. You know, it's what we learned in the old college days. If we write something and include the work of others, we should add a little footnote and give them the credit and also inform the reader.

At least this is the opinion of this writer.

6 ( a mother)


There perhaps is a difference between posting articles to the madar/pedar web site and just including them in an email list. One solution may be to not post articles/poems/stories etc. unless the author info. is provided. Email members can enjoy them on their own - but not thru the web site.

7 ( soheila)

Dear Sally,

I just updated our discussion web page with the correct version of your poem and included your name in there, too.

Please visit the related discussion page on our web site and check all the way to the end where our emails our included as a record of our way of dealing with copyright materials. I will take off these emails if you wish.)



2 ( a madar)

Please send your replies and/or opinions regarding this subject to madar-pedar@surya.eecs.berkeley.edu. Do not forget to include the topic in the subject line.

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